About Me

Welcome to my blog, Dancer Diaries! 

Here I write just about anything that pops into my head as I bebop along in life. I was born and raised in Texas and in true Texas fashion, I'm pretty proud of my great state. My childhood was spent twirling around dance studios and performing for anyone or anything almost anywhere.  I loved dancing so much that I went on to earn my BS in Dance Management. Somewhere along the lines I decided that continuing my education was a brilliant plan and continued on with graduate school for my MFA in Dance. Now that I'm all finished with school, it's time to put all that good education and training to use.

Currently I'm on the hunt for some performance jobs as I adjust to this adult life I've fallen into. When I'm not frantically searching for the next audition you can find me playing with my puppy, Piper, loving on my cat, Honey or driving my parents crazy just for sport. It's the simple things in life that make my heart go pitter-pat like Chik-fil-a and a good cup of coffee. My nose is usually stuck in a book and here recently I've enjoyed keeping my hands busy with embroidery. There's a man in my life and after a spectacular proposal, we go hitched in 2012, my Pyro Man and I.

This blog is fun, something to keep you entertained. When I started Dance Diaries, I intended to use it as a way of reporting my adventures after college to all my friends and family. During grad school, it turned into a creative outlet and I'm looking forward to continuing it in my life after school. Here you'll find all sorts of little stories, most of all containing my flubs and foibles for the week.

Life is a funny creature and I find that retelling some of my "oops" moments keeps me laughing and gives readers a giggle or two themselves. Basically I'm discovering what life is like without school and what it means to follow your dreams.

I hope you enjoy!

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