Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Focus

Goodbye 2014, you were an interesting year. This year my Christmas letter talked about all about the changes 2014 brought to me and my husband.  I wrote about the addition of Penny Pup in the spring, the addition of classes, shows, and job responsibilities for me, a new job for Pyro Man and, of course, the renewal of our old challenge: long distance.

This was also the year that showed me real loss and taught me what it meant to miss. Right up to the very end, too. A few other personal journeys and revelations fit in there, too. I feel a little different in a lot of ways since last January. Yes, there were a lot of changes this year that pushed me and stretched me, further than I really liked or wanted, but now that the year is all wrapped up in a nice little bow, I can say it was for my betterment. That's life, right? Challenging us to help us grow. 

I'm sure everyone looks back at their year and sees what I see: a lot of lessons learned, a lot of good memories, and a lot of direction for the new year. I've got a good one for this year, an arrow I know is meant for me to follow. There's only one thing I can hear my heart say: Be. Brave. 

Be brave. This mantra has been on my mind for some time--I even wrote about it in this post two months back. Straight to the point, which I like. Powerful and yet, simple. This is something that can be done in little ways, not just monumental actions. More importantly, I think it can do me a world of good.

I can't say 2014 was a terrible year; it was definitely different. I can't say I'm glad to see it go; it left me with a sore heart and an thoughtful mind. I can't say I'm super pumped for this new year; it started with off on an odd foot.

What I can say is this; I feel content about this new year knowing I'm not setting out to change the world, but merely trying to take a small step outside of comfort zone every chance I get. I'm looking forward to growing in big and small ways every day. This year is not about moving mountains, changing lives, or taking on more than I can handle. It's about being strong, taking chances, trusting myself so that when looking back I know I did all that's moving me forward.

What's your New Year's Resolution?

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