Thursday, December 11, 2014

Few of My Favorite Things

Just before Thanksgiving I decided I needed a restart--Perfect timing, huh? Just before the holidays it's time to start cracking down on what I'm eating, how much of it, and getting my rear moving.

For the last two weeks I've really been trying hard to make better choices so far it's paying off--two pounds down! Whoo-hoo! Three days into this restart and I already felt better, more energized, and just plain good. Who would have thought that nourishing your body would feel so great?

Here are a few of my favorite things that have helped me enjoy getting back on track:

Health Restart Favorites

Dove Chocolates--Yes, dark chocolate for a little indulgence at the end of the day. Have to. I can't deprive myself so I'll be smart about it and enjoy 1 or 2 chocolates. Yes, moderation and self control--not my strong suits, but I am getting better.

Tea Infuser--This Aladdin tea infuser mug is great at the end of the day. I have to power through sitting and observing for two hours, 4-6, nearly every day. By the time I get home I'm tried of sitting and staring and talk about hungry! So I started drinking tea half way through my observations.

It definitely curbs my appetite so I can make it home and make a good dinner. When you're starving you don't want to wait to make something, you'll eat everything including the kitchen sink. That's why the hot beverage really helps. It keeps the monster at bay.

This mug is great for traveling and I know I won't slosh tea all over my desk while I'm working. The little infuser is attached to the lid. Flip the switch to drop it down and flip it back to pop it out when you're done.

Peppermint Tea--It's the holiday season and mint or peppermint tea just seems like the right flavor. Add a little honey to sweeten it and I'm good.

White Balsamic Vinear & Walnut Oil--Two great items to put on your salad. No need for dressing, this is it! I had an aunt rave about using vinegars and oils on her salads and how she never used dressings again. Well, I've been doing that for a couple years now and I love it.

This is a great combination that's light and fresh. I add salt and pepper for a little seasoning and that's all you really need. Today I did a kale salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and sliced apples topped with feta cheese. Delicious and definitely filling!

Lunchblox--This great little grouping here is genius! Containers that stack together, with stackable ice packs, make lunch easier to pack and carry to work. All my little containers are useful for holding side items like almonds, celery, peanut butter, and more.

 Halos--Cute small oranges give me a boost of vitamin C for a quick snack and they don't require a whole lot. All you need are your hands for peeling!

Barre3--My job is not 9 to 5 and while I do teach dance, that doesn't mean I'm putting my body through the paces it needs. When you're teaching, you're not focused on your body, you're focused on helping your students understand their own. Being here for long hours, the last thing I want to do is hit the gym. I've done the gym thing and it's great, but I need something that makes me feel happy, like when I dance. Working out should be fun, right?

I do barre3 online. Don't need a set time and place. I can do it any time, any where, any day. I like that. I can do a 10 minute work out or 30. Or 40. Or 60. I can to three sets of 10 minute sessions throughout the day or take a full hour off and get it done right in my office.

I really like how I can focus on my body, settle my mind, and reenergize for the day. It's a time for me to check in with myself and honor my body by doing something good for it. Yeah, yeah, kumbaya and all that, but I really do enjoy my barre3 time.

Is there something you use that helps you make good choices? Or a good choice that helps you feel great? 

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