Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Day Ever

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard this story about a man polling celebrities about their best day ever and of course, the talk show started talking about their best day. You see where this is got me thinking about the best day even in my lifetime.

I couldn't even believe it was happing.
That's tough. I have tons of days I can think of that make my heart light up and it makes me feel incredibly grateful. To pick just one? Man, that's nearly impossible! 

Meeting Maddie for the 1st time.
I think about the day Pyro Man dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I think about the day we stood in front of all our friends and family and did just that. I think about meeting my niece for the first time and ugly crying while I blubbered to my sister how much I already loved Miss Maddie. I think about the day I got my license and my first time in New York City. Both exhilarating!

So proud of this production.
Imagine This
I think about the day I got pulled on stage by Andy Blankenbuehler at a convention because he remembered me performing my solo the night before. Biggest thrill and I still remember how that made me feel. I think about the day I got accepted in the dance department, where I was and who was with me and how it felt. The day my MFA These production took the stage makes my heart swell and my heart race. Graduation when I received my hood, a perfect end to my collegiate career. The day I got the call a job opening for OCU. I did lunges in a sun dress on the stage of my reception venue. In front of a bunch of random strangers. 
Totally cheesin'. Can you tell?

I think about days spent with family and friends, special moments that made that day meaningful to me. But as I'm sorting through all these incredible days, I can't help but return to one day in particular. Everything about that day, what led up to it, how the day went, who was there, it all really shaped who I am today. At the time it really was the best day ever, but really looking at it now, really thinking on it, I know that's a moment that really changed me. 

The day I won my first dance competition with my solo. I was fourteen and I'd busted my butt all year long working on a piece I dearly loved and felt connected to. I remember hearing my name called to perform it for a second time that day in front of an entire gymnasium full of people. I remember the feeling of laying my heart out there on the floor, pacing myself, controlling each extension, each turn, and feeling elated when I heard the applause at the end. If nothing else, I knew I made it farther than I ever had in competition before. 

Every time I hear that song or see a picture of that dance, I'm reminded of how I learned what hard work really was and that if I put in the time and effort, good things could happen. I'd never realized you get out what you put into things but that day really struck a chord for me. I was reaping the rewards of putting my all into something I was passionate about, something that meant a great deal to me and it paid off. Incredibly life lesson all if one day, huh? 
Baby face. Just so young...

Receiving that honor made me smile like I'd never smiled. My family was there cheering me on, sharing in this exciting achievement I'd worked so hard to attain. I was on cloud nine!

My confidence soared and I kept telling myself every year after, if I want it I have to work for it. The trophy is gone and I don't remember the choreography any more, but the feeling of that day, I still carry it with me.

If you had to choose the best day of your life ever, what would it be? 

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