Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Is Coming

Not coming, winter is by golly here! Last night we dropped 20 degrees in one hour--what the what?! Yesterday is was 79, today it's 33. That's right, people, winter has arrived.

Last night I tried to prep for the big artic rush and someone decided they needed to "help" in this process. There's a $3.50 faucet cover totally demolished. Darn thing lasted a grand total of ten minutes. She just can't help herself sometimes...Oh, Penny Love.

Me? I was all too thrilled to pull out the warm hats and scarves for this year! I'm sure I'll be over the cold soon enough, but for now I'm excited to bundle up! Who's with me?!

Can't you see the excitement? Or maybe that's the caffeine...hmm...

Do you get excited for colder weather?

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