Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Big Sighs and Homemade Pies

When the clocks strike 6:00 pm tonight, I'll officially be on vacation! I've been looking forward to a little down time especially since I'll get to spend a couple extra days with my main squeeze!

Got a big project accomplished and turned in this week, so big sigh there. Nailed down a great summer opportunity for me and I'm really looking forward to this big step--hoping it opens up some new doors. Overall, there's been a lot of positive things going on and it feels nice to see things moving for me.

I've still got a few Thanksgiving to-do's to get done, but I made up a two batches of mock mince meat pie filling for this year! Can't wait to serve up a big piece of this!

Essentially a spiced fruit pie. So. Dang. Good.
I also tried my hand at Pioneer Woman's batch of Cinnamon Rolls. Lord have mercy because those are the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had in my entire life. Not to mention they make a ton--like three pie plates and casserole dish ton--I couldn't freeze them all and I knew there were too many for just our family. So, I shared a whole pan with folks at work. Thankful to have such lovely co-workers who will help a gal out!

After...sooooo delicious!

And even though I whipped up a batch of those decadent rolls, I still resisted the urge to eat one this morning and hit the restart button on my health.
Eggs, toast, tomatoes, and avocado. Fills the belly up and fuels the body for sure!

Yes, only days before Thanksgiving, too. But I really needed it. I've let a lot of thing slide and my choices in eating and exercise to just got out the window. 

Three days of early morning walks and slow jogging has helped boost up my energy so far. I'm feeling determined to keep it up this time. It's so hard to start over. I'm hoping this is the last start over and I can just maintain good habits. Fingers crossed.

Apple cranberry walnut spinach salad with grilled chicken.
Best part of today? I ordered myself something special and I can't wait for it to get in! I'll share a little bit on that later. Nerd alert, ya'll. Just prepare yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Have safe travels!
What's your big accomplishment for the week?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Tunes

Saturday mornings when I'm up at work I always need some background music to keep me going. Today I discovered a new band to add to my playlist. Thanks to Today's Letters for posting one of their songs!

The Mighty Oaks

What are some of your favorite bands?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Is Coming

Not coming, winter is by golly here! Last night we dropped 20 degrees in one hour--what the what?! Yesterday is was 79, today it's 33. That's right, people, winter has arrived.

Last night I tried to prep for the big artic rush and someone decided they needed to "help" in this process. There's a $3.50 faucet cover totally demolished. Darn thing lasted a grand total of ten minutes. She just can't help herself sometimes...Oh, Penny Love.

Me? I was all too thrilled to pull out the warm hats and scarves for this year! I'm sure I'll be over the cold soon enough, but for now I'm excited to bundle up! Who's with me?!

Can't you see the excitement? Or maybe that's the caffeine...hmm...

Do you get excited for colder weather?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This Week's Happy Heart

Brought to you by...
Successful pie crusts and...
homemade pot pie is pretty blue dishes.

Freshly manicured nails from...
a long over due girls night out.
What has made your heart happy this week?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Be Brave

In recent days I have come to realize how much I procrastinate and how often it tends to happen. More than that, I've come to realize how many of the things I put off are important personal things. It's been a little shocking and now that I know I do it, I find myself getting more and more irritated that it happens. But this realization has done wonders for me, too, because it has lit a fire under my rear end!

When I get irritated I get determined and when I get determined just watch out, that usually means I'm about to be on a pretty productive roll. There are lots of things that need to get done, but what I want to focus on are the steps I need to take to make my dreams a reality.

I think I've been slow to start in part of being scared, a little timid to start the steps in moving forward. In some ways following your dream can be a somewhat terrifying. You just don't know what's going to happen when you start down that path. What you hope for is the best, what you can expect is anything, and the outcome will always be a mystery.

I can hear the doubt in my head--I am my own worst enemy. They creep in, those tiny little questions of skepticism and they snuff out any light of hope for a dream. Isn't that awful? The one thing standing between me and my desires is me. Hence the procrastination. I'm putting off moving forward to prevent the doubt and pessimism, but it's not working. Instead I'm stuck in the middle of the road watching other friends and family move forward. I know though that deep down in my heart I'm going to regret not trying. I'm going to regret playing it safe and ignoring that thought of "what if?"

Bottom line is that if you want to live your dreams and give it a shot, you've got to take that leap of faith and do it. It's like Indian Jones stepping off the ledge onto the invisible bridge--you've got to trust. Of course, there's a lot to put into place to cover your hiney as much as possible but at some point you've got to let go and let God. Be. Brave.

So I'm starting small, baby steps in the right direction. Every tiny step forward makes my heart race with joy. That feeling right there is enough to keep me moving on to the next step. As I do, I'm going to keep telling myself, "Be brave, Julie. Keep going and be brave." It's all going to pay off if I just keep my chin up and keep on pushing through it all.

What makes you feel brave? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Back to the Grind

The weekend is never long enough. I've got a list of things been trying to complete around the house and I didn't get as much done as I wanted to this weekend. Now here it is, Monday again. But I've already gotten plenty of work done from the comfort on my own bed so I guess that makes up for it.

Enrollment started and as an academic advisor I have to enroll my students for the spring. This year I jumped up, grabbed my coffee and computer and dove back into bed, ready to get started. Genius idea, y'all. Genius.

I'm hoping this is how the whole day stays, productive yet comfortable. I could do with a little less productive stressful days--those just wear me out body and soul.

How do you like to start off your days?

Broke out the Thanksgiving mug today. How can it not be a good day?

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