Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TV Confession

Everyone has their favorite shows that they watch on TV and I know every one has at least one guilty pleasure they watch. Whether it's trash TV, reality shows or infomercials, everyone has something that they watch that is totally self indulgent.

Me? Well, I discovered 19 and Counting last week on our fall break. I watched as Jill Duggar and her now husband prepared for the wedding. Last night I was totally wrapped up in watching their two hour wedding special.

Ridiculous. Can't even believe I got suckered into this show--I've never been one for reality TV, but this family is a complete fascination to me. The wedding, the engagement, now that pulled me in because I got suckered into their love story. Long distance relationship? I totally relate! The excitement of finally being together and building a life together? I totally relate! Something about watching a recap of their love story, engagement, and wedding just made me think back on my own and I was entirely sucked into it all.

What's your guilty pleasure show?

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