Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TV Confession

Everyone has their favorite shows that they watch on TV and I know every one has at least one guilty pleasure they watch. Whether it's trash TV, reality shows or infomercials, everyone has something that they watch that is totally self indulgent.

Me? Well, I discovered 19 and Counting last week on our fall break. I watched as Jill Duggar and her now husband prepared for the wedding. Last night I was totally wrapped up in watching their two hour wedding special.

Ridiculous. Can't even believe I got suckered into this show--I've never been one for reality TV, but this family is a complete fascination to me. The wedding, the engagement, now that pulled me in because I got suckered into their love story. Long distance relationship? I totally relate! The excitement of finally being together and building a life together? I totally relate! Something about watching a recap of their love story, engagement, and wedding just made me think back on my own and I was entirely sucked into it all.

What's your guilty pleasure show?

Monday, October 27, 2014

100 Happy Days

Way back in the summer months I started this challenge, 100 Happy Days. Look it up and try it for yourself, it's pretty fun.

I say that and then you'll read this next bit and think, "oh yeah right, loads of fun." But it really was...up to a point.

Somewhere around day 62 I just stopped posting for a few reasons. One could have been because life got really crazy with work. Another reason could have been that I only saw food and coffee as being the highlight of my day and that got old after a while. Or one could have even been that happiness was found in sleeping, not searching for my happy. These, of course, are only possibilities. I'm not saying they're true or anything.

In any case, there has been some relief of stress and therefore a little more opportunity to see the beauty that is around me (And not just in food or cups of coffee). So I've restarted with day 63 today and I'm hoping my eyes will be a little more open to the happiness that is all around me.

Can you find anything in your day that makes you happy?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Tunes

Every other Saturday of the month I come up to work while our community dance classes go on. Now most people would scoff at weekend day spent up at work, but I find that I can be pretty productive here in my office. It's three solid hours spent catching up on emails, grades, assignments and what have you. I'm actually pretty grateful for the built in office time--it's time set aside specifically for work.

Plus it gives me a chance to explore some new music. Case in point: you + me

And yes, if you think that female voice sounds a bit familiar, you're probably right. Check out their story here and then go savor the entire album this afternoon.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking and pondering and cogitating on this dusty old blog. You know it's five years old? That seems ancient in blog years. Heck, I've had this sucker longer than I've had my husband. That's a long commitment to a blog if you ask me. And yet I'm still thinking on it.

I've been waiting for the right inspirational story to write, the right comedic relief moment to share, and mostly I've been waiting for a chance to write. I miss it--miss the clicking of my keys while I watch the words trickling across my page.  I miss the editing moments that makes me lean back in my chair;  I'll sit contemplating the text while I twirl my hair in my ponytail just long enough for the right thought to hit me so hard it propels me into the screen in a frantic frenzy of typing. And instead of doing all this, I've been thinking.

Which apparently is not what you want to do in the blogging world. If you want to blog, you do it. How simple...and yet, here I sit still thinking. Well, what is my blog? What is it's purpose? I know I want it to be something, but what? What will people want to read? Why will they want to read my blog? Should I change my handle? What should it be instead? A blog about dancing or a blog about me? Or should it be something all together different? Why is this so hard? Why can't I just write? These are the questions that make me think so much.

Deep in my heart I'd like this little blog to be what I consider a success and that means steady readers, followers, and in my wildest dreams, a book deal. Because if you were to ask me today what a fun job would be, I'd say blogging. I think writing about what you know, posting pictures of projects, and sharing little life moments is pretty awesome. I adore reading so many blogs because they give me something that I need or am missing in my life; a reminder of gratitude, a to-do on just about anything, or a good afternoon laugh. I think life can be portrayed so beautifully through words and pictures, and even if the moments are not always the best, there's always something good to be found.

I love my job and I have aspirations for myself--some of which I'm still figuring out, That's kind of the beauty behind being a grown up; there are so many more options than you could possibly imagine. Even so, I still love my little blog. I think about it often and miss it when I'm not on it. I daydream about what it could be or might become. Now that things have slowed down a bit *ha ha* I guess my thoughts are turning to it more and more and it's made me realize that I really need to stop thinking about it all together.

You heard me, I need to stop thinking about my little blog. I do. I need to stop thinking and start doing. It's the only want to even begin making headway with my little blogging dreams. So there you go. Problem solved, self.

But I know all too well I won't stop thinking. I can at least start doing more and work through my burning questions as I go. Might not be the most riveting post I've written so far. I am, however, hoping it'll be the shot in the arm, the pep talk to get me back at the keyboard again.
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