Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Shot In the Arm, Thankful Thoughts

There are lots of times when I feel blue or down or just lost in a bunch of questions. But there's nothing like an unexpected shot in the arm to lift your spirits and set your feet on sunny road ahead. My full and happy heart is brought to you by:

My sweet nieces and nephews. 
Spending five minutes with them perks up my mood and gets me to reconnect with my inner child. 

My family. 
Whether we're family by blood or family by marriage, they're incredibly supportive and so loving. 

Since May I've been off of it but I had a couple cups this weekend and I'm reminded how wonderful it is. I truly savored every sip. 

Fur creatures. 
They bring a lot of life to what might be a quiet house. When you need a hug, they're there. When you need a kiss, they'll gladly provide. When you need a woobie, they'll bring their favorite. Even when my patience is tested, I'm still grateful to have them close. 

A blooming garden.
No matter the age, we're always amazed by what nature can grow and provide. Picking a bright red tomato is exciting. Seeing the start of a fruit astounds and watching vegetables grow plump makes me giddy. I love waking up each morning and seeing a new surprise. 

One of my favorite quotes has kept popping up in my mind this week and I've tried to remind myself every day of it. 

Sometimes in my little mess I forget how big I'm blessed.

What gives you a full and happy heart? 

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