Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rainy Day Catch Up

Happy Thursday all! It's been a beautiful day so far for me and I hope you're having an equally splendid one, too! I've been a little slow to blog once a week...whoops.

It started up with a delicious bowl of muesli, yoga pants, and a comfy grey sweater which was perfect for this rainy morning. Honestly, I wanted to stay snuggled up in bed, but I didn't want to miss out on a Barre3 class. Best way to start the day, hands down.

I also got to knock a few things off my Birthday List! Last weekend my mom and I took a trip to Ham's Orchard in Terrell, Texas. Picked up a huge bag of peaches because we unfortunately could not pick the peaches off the trees. *Sigh* So I sort of checked off #14 (Go Pickin'), but not really...guess I'm going to have to find another orchard and try again--darn!

Fortunately I got closer to checking off #3, Try 5 New OKC Restaurants or Stores. Yesterday I tried S&B Burger joint, yum! Didn't snap a picture because I was too busy devouring the amazingness that was that burger. Sorry, kiddos, maybe next time.

Today I popped into a coffee shop to do a little work, Vintage Coffee. Pretty chill little coffee joint with a mean Chai Tea Latte. Verdict? Excellent. So that's two out of five places, but I like this "trying new places" thing. I'm a creature of habit and getting out of my comfort zone takes a little more effort.

What's your favorite coffee shop? 

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