Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What a Beautiful Day

Birthday has come and gone and what a beautiful day it was! I started the day with a Rise & Dine at Barre3--A class is given on the patio of Cafe 501 and then we all go eat a delicious brunch after it's done. I got the chance to catch up with a college friend afterwards and I thoroughly enjoyed every story and every belly laugh!

The chips and treats were for my "splurge" day
--no, I didn't eat it all!
After a great start to the morning, Pyro Man made me wait a little bit longer before coming home. Why? Well, he had a little surprise for me. I walked into to see a beautiful table laid out with bright flowers, a buttercream frosted cake, cards, a couple of gift boxes from friends and family. But the sweet surprise wasn't over. I unwrapped a book while Pyro Man handed me a pen and sticky notes. "You're going to need this, he said."

In my book was a list of page numbers. I carefully followed each page number and found one letter underlined. At the end of it all I had a simple sentence that started a birthday scavenger hunt! I raced from room to room, all around the house, front yard and backyard until I finally made it to the garage. With a little guidance, I finally found a package inside of his bow case. Very appropriate, right?

Cheesin' with my new iPad!
Well, my sweet surprise was an iPad! I couldn't believe my eyes! I kept stealing Pyro Man's for recipes and Pinterest projects. Truly this gift is not just for me, but for him two. Now we can both do our projects without having to share the same "computer." I'm in hog heaven!

We spent the afternoon searching for the perfect cover when we ended up finding one online for half the price. PLUS I got this cute fold up keyboard. But it was all about being together that afternoon, no matter if we walked out of the store with anything or not.

The day ended with drinks and dinner with a group of friends. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, a round table of conversation, laughter, and good food. How could I ask for anything more?

And, of course, no birthday is complete without a little cake. 

 How do you like to spend your birthday? 

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