Friday, May 9, 2014

Challenge Accepted

A few weeks ago I signed up for the barre3 Spring Challenge. For one full month I'll be full committed to taking four classes a week and a whole new diet. And it all started on Monday.

So far I'm hanging in there and enjoying the changes...for the most part. I love the classes, it makes me feel so much better! I look forward to spending a full hour focused on improving my body and finding a sense of balance. Since it's been finals week, I've been able to find a spare hour four days this week to go and let me tell you, it's been one of my favorite ways to spend an hour of my day.

I mentioned there was a switch in my diet, right? Truthfully, it's not that bad. Fresh veggies, grains, fruits, and protein. See? Not so bad. The toughest part has been reduction in my sugar intake. Y'all. I really didn't know how much sugar I was eating until this week. Man! My sugar intake had gotten a little bit crazy and I have, therefore, been a little bit crazy this week trying to stay away from it. I knew my eating habits had slipped a little bit, but apparently I haven't been exercising as good of judgement as I would have liked.

I weaned myself off coffee this week--surprisingly that wasn't too hard. I just miss the luxury of a hot cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla in the morning. I'm going to see if tea strikes my fancy in the morning now. I also miss the luxury of quick meals--Chik-fil-a was calling my name yesterday!

But today I'm feeling a little bit stronger and a little bit more secure in the new meal plan. Everything really does have  flavor and pushes me a little bit more out of my comfort zone. I made turnip and white bean soup the other day and I actually loved it! Go figure. I'd never eaten a turnip before. Had to look up online how to prepare the darn thing.

At the end of all this I hope I'm really feeling great and that this gives me a good kick start to a summer of better habits. When life gets busy and stressful, it's super easy to get off track. Good habits break so easily, it's the bad ones that take time to work through. I'm ready for a full month of good eating and good exercise to balance out a better me!

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