Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday List

Happy Birthday to me! 

Throwing it back to the early years in honor of my birthday! 
Birthdays are always so fun to me and I love celebrating them! Everything about birthdays are wonderful. Sure, we celebrate our lives every day but there's only one day a year that you can "Hey World! Thanks for another year on this earth!" Plus there are delightful added goodies to the day like the cards you get in the mail, the sweet phone calls and text messages, and of course, the cake! Buttercream, please!

Well, this year I'm doing something special to keep me celebrating my special day all year long. A Birthday List! If you missed my post about it, check it out here. Before I reveal it though, I have to make a small confession. Coming up with 27 things was incredibly difficult. So difficult, in fact, that I decided to cut my list to 15. Yes, I know, that's 12 short of my initial plan, but I had to. It started turning into work projects and to-do's...totally not what this little list is all about.

So here it is, my Birthday List, the ultimate year long to-do list of awesome goals!

1. Attend a concert of a favorite artist. 
So many talented artists come through OKC and I always miss out. What's funny is that I'm always telling myself I want to go see some of these people live. It's time to stop missing out! 

2. Go to a Thunder game!
Here I've been in OKC since the Thunder was assembled and I have yet to go to one game. Not any more!  

3. Try five new OKC restaurants or shops. 
Even though I've been hear for nearly ten years, I've yet to explore OKC as much as I could. Plus, when I go out to eat, I tend to go to the same places and order the same thing. Time to branch out!

4. Blog once a week for a full year. 
That's 52 posts! In my spare time I dream about this blog, about making it something wonderful. I can't do that if I don't commit to it. So here goes. 

5. Donate my hair to Locks of Love or another similar organization. 
I've had friends donate their hair and I've always admired that act. As a woman I value my hair and always been a part of my identity. I can't think of a more selfless thing for do than donate my hair to someone who needs it. Might take a little bit to grow it out a little more, but it will be worth it all. 

6. Read 15 books. 
I can read ten in a summer and if I'm able to squeeze in five during the school year, that would be amazing! I love reading and I want to make a better effort to do it more often. 

7. Once a month date night with Pyro Man. 
We're both busy and we both deserve at least one night out with one another outside of the house doing something fun! 

8. Go to the theater more and shoot to see five shows this year. 
I just need to see fresh material, renew my love of musical theater, and remember what made me dream to be a dancer. 

9. Travel during my school breaks to new places. 
I tend to go to the same place on vacation times, home. Don't get me wrong, I love being with family but I want to explore the spots I've always wanted to see. 

10. Stick to a healthy regime.
Since starting Barre3 I've found a whole new form of exercise that really speaks to me. I want to stick with it for the next year and all the great recipes I've acquired, too!

11.  Try my hand at photography. 
That's a very personal one I've been wanting to do since I used to pose my American Girl dolls in my mother's flower beds for photo shoots. I've always wanted to pick up a camera, but I've been to scared to really learn about it. I'd like to try it out and see how I really like it. 

12. Stay crafty with four new projects! 
I've enjoyed testing my crafting skills this year and I plan on continuing to explore sewing and crocheting. 

13. Pay off my smallest loan. 
I have several, but paying off one would feel like the biggest victory and I'm so close to doing it. 

14. Go pickin'!
I've always want to visit an orchard and pick apples or peaches or just about anything! It's going to happen this year. 

15. Teach myself something new.
This year it was sewing, last it was crochet, the year before embroidery. What next? Hmmm...

There you have it! My whole Birthday List for the next year of goals to accomplish. Can I do it? Sure I can! Just got to set my mind to it and make the effort. I'm excited about some of these and I look forward to writing about them, too. 

Happy birthday, ya'll!

How will you celebrate your birthday this year? 

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