Sunday, May 4, 2014

Birthday Inspiration

My birthday is right around the corner and I've been inspired to do a year long project in honor of it! Over the last year I've been following a sorority sister's blog, Live, Laugh, & Lunch In Louboutins.  Elizabeth and I are actually twins, we share the same big and the same beautiful family! She was just a year behind me in school, but we saw each other often since we studied in the same department.

Recruitment my last year! 

Adding to the family line! 
Now she lives in OKC and I'm sad to say between both our busy schedules, it's been some time since we've been able to sit down and catch up. Fortunately through the blogging world I'm able to keep up with her and all of her adventures! When Elizabeth turned 25 she created a list, 25 while 25. Basically she sat down with a list of 25 goals she wanted to complete before her 26th birthday.

I was fascinated and followed her the whole year as she worked her way through each project and goal. Some were as big as running a marathon, some as simple as trying new recipes. She documented everything on her blog for all to follow as she checked off each item and each new experience. Seeing her complete the list was pretty cool--a whole list of goals and all of them were completed! Now she's got a new list going, 26 while 26!

23rd Birthday

I have my own little birthday list that I do. A few years ago I was having a hard birthday, just having a hard time getting into the birthday celebration--totally weird for me, but at the time I was in a weird place trying to figure out where I was going and what I was going to do. To pull me out of my funk, I sat down and wrote one blessing in my life for every year I'd been on this earth. Birthday blessings. It did me a world of good and I've kept it up ever since. As long as I have a birthday to celebrate, I'll keep writing my Birthday Blessings down, but those are for me only, a nod of thanks for what I have, a reminder of all I have to celebrate. This isn't quite the same as list of goals to reach.
24th Birthday

Reading and following all of Elizabeth's goals and seeing the final finish made me think back on all of my personal resolutions and lists of goals. I often think about things I really want to do, little things that I make a mental note for the future. I find myself constantly saying "oh, I really want to do that sometime," or "I've always wanted to do this or that." It happens so frequently that instead of actually doing this or that, I only think about it and make a mental note.

Well, Elizabeth, you've inspired me! I'm ready to make this year a really fun one by completing my own list of things to do before my next birthday. I think this grown up birthday list will be a way to celebrate all year long! It's just the ticket to get me out of my rut and into my life a little more!

I've been making a list of things and deciding what I think will be good for next year. I'll post The Birthday List on my actual birthday and document as I go along this next year. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the inspiration of a year long bucket list all for the sake of celebrating another turn around the sun!

26th Birthday! 
What will be in store for my next birthday? 

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