Friday, April 25, 2014

Tales from a Puppy Mama

It's been three weeks and so far we're surviving with three fur balls in the house. I have to admit, at times it can be a little chaotic, but what's life without a little chaos? Even though I remember Piper, my puppy sister and family golden retriever, as a puppy, I'm starting to realize that I didn't really understand what having a puppy meant until Penny. She's like a fuzzy four legged toddler with teeth. Because of that, Pyro Man and I have really started to grow as fur parents.

When we got married and moved in together, our kitties came, too, of course. That was a process in and of itself. Nearly two years later and each kitty is still partial to their respective person. Honey sleeps with me at night, lets me hold her whenever, purrs in my arms, and hugs me close. It kills Pryo Man when she runs away from him or loudly fusses when he picks her up. She's a bit dramatic.

Layla, although she can be affectionate towards me, much prefers the man of the house. In fact, she sits on the dryer and cries for him any time he goes out of town. No amount of treats, toys, or coaxing will get her to move from her watch post most nights.

But Penny? She's definitely ours and that means we're finally having to work together to raise her together. We're learning. We're growing. As a new puppy mama, I've learned quite a bit so far so I thought I'd share.

Top Ten Things I've Learned as a New Puppy Mama

1. Biting can mean many things including:

  • I love you
  • I'm excited to see you
  • Pay attention to me
  • You have peanut butter on your hand
  • I piddled on the floor
  • I really love you 
2. Puppies bark for a number of reasons. You should always pay attention to each one. Chances are the ones you ignore are the ones in which they're telling you they need to go outside. 

3. Invest in paper towels. 

4. Woobies are super fun to play with, but not quite as cool as live woobies (aka. Honey and Layla). The hissing, spitting, and batting make the game so much more interactive. Plus, when they live woobies run away, puppies can chase after them adding into their cardio workout for the day. Score!

5.  If you stray beyond the puppy boarders, aka the baby gates, it's very traumatizing for the puppy. Even though she can still see you, you're too far away to gnaw on and therefore she must bark and whine about it. 

6. If your lap is open, the puppy will be in it. 

7. It takes about four times as long to do anything because the puppy is always into something, onto to something or chasing something.

8. Now you might think that silence is great, but oddly enough, silence is suspicious.

9. No shoelace is safe and tears in pants are inevitable. 

10. Unlike cats, dogs love to get dirty and frolic in muddle puddles. I don't think I need to explain this one. 

At the end of the day though, puppies are great and there's nothing like a bouncing ball of energy bounding towards you when you come home. You can't help but melt when that fur creature falls over itself trying to welcome you home no matter how long you been gone. It's a pretty sweet deal being a puppy mama. 

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