Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Week of School!

I think I can...I think I can...I think can...

All week I'll be chanting this to myself. Why? Because it's the last week of school! Finals are next week and grades are due the week after that. I've got plenty on my plate to finish up, but I can't help that my mind has already started to work it's way into summer. And you know what's funny? I'm ready for summer so I can start planning for the next year and working through tweaks and adjustments for school. Weirdo, I know. Summer break and I'm wanting to spend it prepping for the next.

I can't help it. I'm totally psyched to get organized this summer and prepared for next year. My whole goal is to have every single lesson plan, class, advising sheets, etc. ready for by August. I just know it will make my life a thousand times easier if everything is labels and set for the next year. Not semester. Year.

Why wouldn't you already have that done, Julie? Great question! You see, for technique classes, I like to see the kids and plan around their abilities first, but I've realized that's not always necessary. Adjustments can be made at any time if a solid foundation is there. I experimented with one class like this--having a whole semester's worth of lesson plans ready to go and made adjustments as I saw fit--worked like a dream! Therefore, I'm doing it for every class. It gave me time to work through other things like new lecture classes.

New lecture classes? Do you have new lecture classes? Not that I know of , but every semester has been a little bit different, adding in a new class here and there. I want all of that set for next year as I do not foresee any new changes coming my way. Never say never though...

This is going to be the summer of pre-planning and organizing, otherwise known as "Getting Stuff Done!" Don't worry--I've got a personal summer to-do list of things for me, fun things like reading, cooking, and crafting. But I'm determined that at the end of the summer I'm going to look back and feel like I accomplished so much!

OK--so that's my motivation this week: Get through the end of this school year, wrap it up in a nice bow so I can move on to the next thing and prepare to enjoy all next school year more than ever!

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