Sunday, March 2, 2014

Productivity At It's Best

If ever there were a productive day, today would be it. I woke up and decided over a stack of blueberry and strawberry pancakes that I was going to tackle a wicked huge to-do list. And somehow I did it. I love days that work out like that.

Lots of work that will save me lots of time this week!
 I baked a batch of salt and vinegar kale chips immediately whipped up a week’s worth of prepped lunches for this week. Then I decided I wanted to try a batch of those popular protein balls. Verdict? Pretty good. Reminds me of No-Bake cookies sans cocoa. My kitchen adventures weren’t over yet. I decided that I needed to go ahead and cook up a pot of gumbo since I’m working most of Mari Gras. Gotta keep up with my Cajun family roots!

In between timer dings, Pyro Man and I tackled cleaning the house. Floors were swept, bathrooms cleaned out, and kitchen counters wiped down. New sheets were laid on the bed and towels were washed, folded, and put away. Is there anything better than an empty laundry basket? Yes, yes there is. It’s called a Snow Day!

Booyah! Snow tomorrow means more productivity only this time I’ll be in my pajamas. Probably all day.

Hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend and are staying nice and warm tonight! As for me? I’m going to enjoy the end of the Oscar’s, grab a hot shower, and fall into a freshly made bed. Goodnight to all! 

My gumbo directions said to drink a beer...
I opted for a root beer this afternoon.

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