Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Years? For Real?

A little college senior decided to join the blogging world to share her adventures after graduation, not yet knowing what they might be. So on February 28th, 2009, she sat down and started blogging about her world.

I can't believe it's been five years. I can remember that time in my life so vividly. There was quite a bit going on and everything I thought would happen in these five years hasn't been what I thought it would at all. In many ways, I'm very grateful my life took this turn because it led me to some wonderful moments. Making dear friends in grad school and putting on a production I believe is one of the biggest highlights of my life; meeting my husband and the many adventures we've been on together including our beautiful wedding day; gaining a new family and meeting my beautiful niece and nephews; seeing my closest friends grow in their lives, marrying their husbands and moving into new adventures of their own; taking an opportunity of a lifetime and working at a wonderful university and program I wholeheartedly believe in.

Yes, I've made some wonderful memories in the last five years that I hadn't expected at all. Life has treated me very well. It's just human nature, I can't help but look back and ask myself, "what if?" When you're life takes a turn that you hadn't expected, prepared for, unknowingly needed, it throws you off your course. That perfect road map you drew up is obsolete, no longer useful and it's hard not to stand in the middle of the road a little confused. What happened? Did I miss something? Did I not try hard enough? Can I really let go of these plans I've spent years in the making?

I know now that questioning the choices we make keeps us from enjoying all that's around us now. I suppose that's a good majority of the reason I signed off facebook for this lenten season--I wanted to focus on my life and take a step back from everyone else's. Instead of worrying if I'm in the right spot of my life, I'd like to enjoy it and look to the future knowing I'm following my path and not anyone else's. In five years time, I wonder what I'll be thinking of this moment, my life right now, and where I am. We'll see, I suppose.

Five years of writing and sharing all sorts of things on here. Dancer Diaries, I've enjoyed having you here to share with the world my thoughts, feelings, stories, and such. You've been a bright spot, a way for me to exercise my writing skills and stretch my creativity. You've been frustrating at times when I couldn't think of things to say and left you alone for months at a time. Still, you've been there and been a faithful tool I've always come home to.

Here's to another five years! I hope to see you grow, I hope to see you shine, and I hope to see you again soon...until next time!

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