Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday I told you I'd share some of my new healthy life choices and here I am today to deliver!

When I started on my Traveling Tights endeavor ( a long story for later), I went in search of different exercise regimes that would appeal to dancers. I hadn't gotten to far into the process, but one thing kept popping up: Barre3. Over and over again I'd seen advertisements for it and friends promoting these new ballet barre workouts. Another company is Pure Barre, but there's not one here in Oklahoma City.

I was a little skeptical. I mean, what could possibly compare to a good ballet barre? I polled dancer friends, a few were taking classes and some teaching. They highly recommended the classes. Still, I wasn't 100% sure. That is until I noticed a fellow college friend of mine post about her workplace and how much she loved working for her boss. Included in the post was a great promo video for, what else,  Barre3 and featured the OKC owner.

When it comes to good advertising, I can be a sucker. I watched the video and immediately had to watch it again. It takes you through this woman's daily routine, waking up and having a cup of coffee, getting her kids off to school and kissing her husband goodbye. She does her workout for the morning and happily goes in to work, teaches class, takes class, and has lunch with a friend in a cute restaurant. We see her making a healthy dinner and enjoying it with her family before tucking her little ones into bed. What working woman wouldn't want a schedule like that?!

In any case, the classes looked great! Students were working hard, moving gracefully from position to position, it didn't look like just ballet or just yoga or just Pilates. It looked like a mix of them all.

My curiosity was peaked. I had to try a class. Currently they have a $30 for 3 classes promo. I signed up for it and scheduled a morning time before school. Even if it was a 7:15 morning class, everyone was bright, chipper, and ready to work. I really tried to keep an open mind about it, but I couldn't help a small voice inside my head asking, "is this really going to be a good workout? You're a dancer."

Let me answer that for you. Yes. Heck to the yes.

I sweated, I shook, I found myself huffing and puffing to get through. And when I say shook, I mean I turned into a human shake weight. They like to call that "the shakes." I couldn't believe my body was betraying me, shaking like I'd never held a balance or releve in all my life! What the heck? I almost felt a little embarrassed to admit I was a dancer--too late though. I'd already told the instructor I was a professor. When she asked me after class how I liked it, I had to be honest.

It was fantastic, but strange for me. I had to concentrate on not turning out, sending my legs straight back. Do you know how hard it is to arabesque and NOT turn out your leg. I was having to fight myself a little bit on body position. Everything in my dancer brain was screaming, "You're alignment is all WRONG!" And yet, I was shaking the most in those positions. I was using muscles I hadn't targeted in a long, long time. HALLELUJAH! I might be able to finally tone up some of my softer areas.

I've since completed all three of my classes. Every instructor I've had I've really enjoyed and every class I really like. The only downside, and it's more of a personal one, is that the class is barefoot...and... my feet sweat quite a bit. Put all that together and it becomes a slip and slide class for me. I don't really enjoy working out barefoot or even dancing barefoot. I slide this way then that and of course it happens at the most unsuspecting moments. Or I do the slow slide, my feet ever so slightly moving away from my body striking the fearful thought that I might face plant into the floor.

Luckily Barre3 has these little rubberized socks you can use to keep from slipping. I've haven't gotten a pair yet, but I will before next class.  They're cute enough for class and they'll get the job done, keeping me from sliding into impromptu splits.

There's another great deal, one time only, $99 for a month of unlimited classes. I'm dying to sign up for it. Before I do though, I'm decided to give myself a trial run to see if I could keep myself committed. So I signed up for the online Barre3 classes.

For $15 a month, I get classes of either 10, 30, 40, or 60 minutes of Barre3 work outs and recipes. I've been able to do two work outs this week, a 10 minute and a 30 minute class. I'm really loving it. If I can solidly stick to this, a work out at least 3-4 times a week, for one month, I'll join the classes. I want to prove to myself that I can do what I say I will and if I do, I'll reward myself with more Barre3 classes. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Have you tried Barre3 yet? If you enjoy Pilates, yoga, or ballet, you might enjoy this. Look up a class and try it out for yourself!

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