Friday, February 21, 2014

Only an hour

Only an hour until I need to leave my house for the first to-do of the day. I really should be getting ready, putting make-up on, packing my bag for our weekend trip, but no. I'm still on the couch in my green robe, glasses on and coffee in hand. I just don't wanna.

Yup. I'm a grown up adult who drinks wine, pays bills, and files taxes...aaaannndddd I just used the phrase "I don't wanna."

Somehow I piled on quite a bit into my one free day this week--palm to forehead--and now instead of leisurely enjoying my usual morning off,  I have to get my buns in gear. It'll be great though. I'll learn a lot at my workshop, I'll have two productive meetings, and hey, I'm even getting a workout in there before a lecture class. It's going to be awesome.

But the lazy bones part of me is still pouting and saying, "I don't wanna." Oh, Self. You're going to get time to yourself soon enough. Enjoy the busyness of it all, drink an extra cup of coffee, and go get ready. Fifty minutes until you have to leave.

Still don't wanna, but I'm gonna.

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