Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Looks like a Hair Straightener

With Valentine's Day only a week away, it's hard not think about love. I understand what it is and what it means, but here recently I've been thinking about how love looks to me. It comes in many different forms and it's become increasingly apparent to me that I will continue to uncover love in the most surprising ways.

Yesterday Pyro Man decided to gift me with a Valentine's day surprise early. I couldn't even begin to guess what he had cooked up. This is a man who never ceases to amaze me. He ran off to grab the gift and promptly returned with an opened brown amazon box. "Here," he says, "I wanted to get you something you could use and something I know you'll appreciate having." He really is the most practical gift giver.

I opened the cardboard box to reveal a brand new Nano Babybliss hair straighter. Be still my heart. What. A. Perfect. Gift.

My beloved and favorite straightener kicked the bucket at the beginning of the year. It's incredibly hard to straighten unruly hair or stylish bangs when one's straightener has a short in it and therefore cannot stay hot for more than a minute. For the last month, I have somehow been able to rig my straightener to stay on for a good enough amount of time so that I can at least straighten my bangs. As for the rest of the hair of my head, I've just gotten creative in my stylings. It's sort have been a blessing in disguise.

I've been so determined to stick to my New Year's Resolution to "Use What I've Got" that I was determined to wait out the year before buying another one. I'd already figured out how to make it work to the best of it's lifeless ability. What was the rush?

Anyway, after noticing a rather aggravated burn on my neck--so it's been a while since I've wheeled a curling iron--Pyro Man thought it best to present his gift, my brand new replacement. I was so surprised by his thoughtfulness, I actually teared up over a straightener. But really, it's not the straightener. It's the fact that my husband knows me well enough to pick out something for me that means something to me.

There are plenty of things in our home that I can look at and be reminded of my husbands sweet gestures, things that tell me he thought of me or that something reminded him of me. I can go back through my mind and think of the flowers, the loving comments, the tender moments that tell me how much he cares.

So when I think of love, true and real love, I don't see what's typically thought of by most. I see love through the eyes of the people who love me and it all looks so different.

Love looks like a carton of my favorite soy milk in my parents refrigerator when I visit.

Love looks like a full tank of gas before I hit the road home.

Love looks like shamrock green ceramic mixing bowls full of baking possibilities.

Love looks like a bottle of cold coca-cola on a walk with a friend.

Love looks like a child reaching for your hand and passing you a half eaten cracker to share.

Love looks like a soft orange kitty rubbing on your feet.

Love looks like a clean sink and an empty dishwasher.

Love looks like a window box of fresh herbs. 

Love looks like a text message hug o-:)-o

And of course, love looks like a hair straightener.

What does love look like to you? 

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  1. Oh this is so sweet! And you KNOW I know about the plight of being a curly girl haha.


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