Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Happy Things

It's the little things that help keep us going during rough weeks or even put an extra pep in our step. I'm still having a pretty great week and not that it's been rough, it's just felt long. Like never ending long. I nearly jumped for joy when I realized it was already Wednesday. Time felt it was moving at a snail's pace and I was sure I'd never make it to end of the week and here I am, half way there!

I've been enjoying the little things around me that have kept me going the last couple of days:

Little Happy Things

1. I've been listening to Brett Dennen's album non stop for a happy pick me up!

2. This week I wore Essie's "A crewed Interest"--love the soft peach color. Not quite nude, but just enough to make me feel girly!

3. Lately I've been enjoying keep my hair in a pom-pom pony with my Goody elastic headbands. They keep the wisps out of my face and my hair in place!

4. I've rediscovered my NutriBullet! I loved using it all summer and fall, but with the winter blues, I'd hadn't been much into the cold smoothies...hello, Springtime though! Time for berries and greens!

5. I enjoy my Mary Engelbreit daily calendar. She always has precious pictures with a perfect quote for the day. I've enjoyed having her daily dose of cuteness on my desk for several years now!

Time to tackle to last part of my day--nearly to the end of the week and I think I can make it through with this week's must-have's!

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