Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Bit of Thanks

Ever had a day where you feel like you're going to crack at some point? That if someone or something where to hit you in the right spot with just the right tool, you would actually start crumbling apart?

It's been a day. Nothing terrible, nothing great. Just a day. And on this particular day my mind feels cluttered and my heart feels heavy. Perhaps it's the winter blues. In any case, I'm going to banish my winter blues away with a few grateful thoughts from today. Thank you Today's Letter's for the inspiration (If you've never read this blog, you should. It's probably one of the sweetest, most uplifting blogs for me to read.):

I'm grateful for this incredibly unique job, the wonderful faculty I work with, and the fantastic students I get to teach.
I'm grateful for big blue water bottles that keep me hydrated during the day and cute little coke cans that give me pep on days that I need a lift.
 I'm grateful for purple pens that make corrections look pretty and inspirational quotes that fuel me to keep going.
I'm grateful for morning kisses from my Pyro Man before work and good evening kisses when I get home.
I'm grateful for my orange fuzzy motor who refuses to leave me alone until she gets her daily dose of lovin'.
I'm grateful for crochet projects that satisfy my need to create and allow me to stay busy while simultaneously taking a break.
I'm grateful for phone dates with friends and the chance to catch up after too many missed opportunities.
I'm grateful for today.   

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