Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm back!

After a little hiatus and a new adventure on Traveling Tights, I'm back! I gave it my all, started a new adventure and I think the bottom line is that the timing just wasn't right. While I can hang my head, kick the ground while muttering a few frustrated words, but in the end I learned from this new experience. And I'm not giving up. Just hitting the pause button on it for now.

So here I am, back in action on the ol' Dancer Diaries. It's kind of like returning home, embracing and old friend and picking back up where we left off. Although I did try to keep up with some of life's happenings on Traveling Tights, it never quite felt the same. Wordpress has some neat features and lovely set-ups and someday I hope to be able to make my blog a little more customized. For now though, I'll be content to get back into the habit of writing and maybe, just maybe, I'll finally find a niche for my little blog.

It's nearly February and school is rolling along. Since the new year has started I've been making some headway in my personal new year's resolutions, one being To Use What I've Got! In other words, try to use what I have in my house first before buying more. That can include what's in my pantry (really helps against the familiar dinner time tantrum, "there's nothing the eat!"), what's in my closet (I'm pulling out clothes I never wear, working on new outfits, and getting a little creative), hair do-dads, make-up drawer, craft projects (I've already made a pair of pj pants and finished a scarf from a year ago!), and more. It's not easy all the time, but it's helping me clean out my house and be a little more resourceful. I can't help but pat myself on the back when I succeed at using what's around me.

Such a short entry, and no pictures to boot! That's the way of it when it's time to get my buns in gear for work. I'm hoping to get back to my steady blogs again--time will tell! Happy Hump Day, ya'll!
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