Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh boy! A Full Friday!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Pyro Man and I finally found a house a couple weeks ago and we couldn't be more excited!

The house is precious! It's got everything we wanted; a two car garage, lots of a light, enough space, the right rent price, and an abundance of character! When you have a house you really, really  like, it makes it so much harder to wait to move in. Our landlady was nice enough to let us get started on moving in sooner than we expected, but Pryo Man and I decided that it would give us to get the house prepped.

We're getting the chance to touch up paint on a few places and changing a red bathroom to a neutral color. But today we started with cleaning up the outside of the house. The front and backyard are the perfect size for our first home together. We have large trees that graciously gives up cool shade from the hot sun and the grass is lush and green...and a little overgrown...and bear in some spots.

We cut grass and trimmed bushes. We raked up piles upon piles of leaves, scooped mountains of acorns, and threw tons of sticks. We spread grass seeds, sprayed for bugs, and bagged up eleven bags of yard trash. It. Was. Hard. Work.

I came home grimy, dirty, gross, and sweaty, but it was totally worth it! We put in some definite time and sweat to clean up the front yard and make it ready for flowers! Next we'll have to clean up the back yard and I'm sure it will be another day of hard work for us, but I've no doubt it will be totally worth it!

This should give you a small idea of what we did today. 

Dad got us a leaf blower for the house. Pryo Man looks ready to rock and blow all those leaves away! It sucks, too!
 (Hee hee! Little yard work humor!) 

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