Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls Weekend In

This weekend was a girls weekend in for me and the kitties. We happily frolicked, chased mice, and ate kibble to our--ahem--their heart's delight.
Honey brought me a mouse last night. Thank
goodness we don't have real mice or this
gesture would cease to be  cute. 
It wasn't all fun and games though.  Friday was chalk full of end-of-the-year activities. It was the last day of class, last day for leveling (placing new students in their proper technique classes), and the end of the year banquet, Tribute to the Stars. 

Yesterday I watched precious young dancers perform their end of the year pieces in the Community Dance Center's Showcase. They were adorable, the crowd loved them, and my dancer teacher heart was warmed. Last night I cuddled up with Miss Honey & Layla and tucked into bed at a decent hour. Lame or sheer brilliance? 

This morning I woke up, went for a run (It's my new summer routine), and whipped up a batch of strawberry and blueberry pancakes. Last Sunday I did the same thing and I thought I'd gone to pancake heaven. They were just what I wanted for a weekend meal, I just had to make them again. I truly don't know what's better than cake like pancakes with fresh fruit in them. Well, today I had a slight problem, no syrup. Easily fixed though! 

I love Pinterest. It's simply marvelous. If you're looking for something, anything, simply search and there will be some pin with what you need. So I searched for a few recipes, found the basics for making syrup and made a few personal adjustments. 
Homemade Syrup

1 cups of sugar
1 cup of water
1/2 tsp of vanilla
1/4 tsp of butter flavoring

Drop sugar in a sauce pan, add water, but do not stir. Bring to a boil. Take off the heat and stir in vanilla and butter flavoring. Serve over pancakes. After cooled, store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. 

Bam. You've been served. Served up delicious pancakes that is! Be aware it definitely does not taste like what you find in a traditional syrup. It's thinner, lighter colored, and sweeter (I think). I'm betting adding an orange flavoring to the sugar base would be equally excellent.  Hmm, must try later. 

The day continued with laundry, play time with the kitties (an absolute must on their agenda), a Wally World run, and a few other household chores. Lucky for me, I had some time to catch up with some of my favorite ladies tonight. I called my sister to fill in on the haps and heard her precious daughter squealing in the background as she played with pea pods. It's the simple things in life, really. Then I got to talk to my college roomie and dear best friend, Karley, who has been traveling the world with Disney Live. It's always a joy to hear about her many adventures, life changes, and dream about once again living in the same city. 

Multitasking like I sometimes/always do, I whipped up a mouth watering dinner dish while catching up with my girls. Although not a Mexican dish in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, it still hit the spot in my opinion. Once again, I found a dish on Pinterest that peaked my interest, Chicken Piccata. The one thing I couldn't find at the store were Italian bread crumbs so I was left to make my own. 
Bread Crumbs

4 pieces of bread
1 tsp of fresh rosemary
1 tsp of fresh oregano 
1 tsp of basil
1 tsp of thyme

Break bread pieces into hunks and add seasonings for an Italian flavor. Drop into blender and blend until well diced and mixed. 

If you would like to add a little toasted flavor to the bread crumbs, add 1/4-1/2 stick of butter to a pan. Melt completely on med/med high. Add bread crumbs and stir until lightly toasted. I did this tonight, but I probably wouldn't do it again so as not to over do the crust on my chicken. 
If you like capers, you'll like this dish. If you like flavorful dishes, you'll like this. If you like a angel hair pasta with a butter and parsley (and perhaps a dash of salt), then you'll like this dish. Of course, the meal was made complete without a glass of white wine. 

 After a full day, and a second glass of wine, it is time for me to crawl into bed and dream of the coming summer season. Happy Sunday to all and to all a good, sweet, night! 

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