Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the Mend

Last Sunday I had the loveliest day. Made delicious pancakes, ran some errands with the husband, and enjoyed sweet spring weather we were having. In short, it was marvelous. Then Monday hit with the looks of a blizzard coming through Oklahoma. 
Delicious homemade pancakes for Sunday breakfast. 

I started off feeling pretty chipper, but a little sore, achy really. By noon, I knew something was wrong. School was fortunately closed early and I headed home for a quick thermometer check and hopeful nap, but my plans were foiled. One broken thermometer and a restless nap on the couch had me thinking I was a little more than just "under the weather."

At the urging of my dear, sweet husband, I took off in the slushy rain for the doctors. The nurse asked if I had a fever to which I replied, "I think a little one." Yeah, "a little one" nothing! 103 and feeling miserable, it was officially confirmed that I had the flu. Gross.

Delicious blackberry cobbler
Well, after three and half days with a fever, one round of tamiflu, and a week off from work, I'm nearly back to health (Damn sinuses kicked in and I'm trying to keep it from turning into a sinus infection...if it hasn't already.).

I started to really feel somewhat like myself Friday. I even cleaned house and got through some catch-up work at home. Saturday I ventured out among the living, bought groceries, nearly took out a customer service woman at Target--it was splendid. I even baked up a delicious blackberry cobbler.
The best blackberry cobbler!

Today was all about sleeping in and baking blueberry muffins from scratch. I think a week away from work helped rejuvenate some of my creative juices. I knocked out a combo today that, for the first time in a while, I'm more than satisfied with. I'm actually a little proud. Sometimes when you're creative juices run dry, nothing seems to be up to the standard you hold yourself to. I guess this just goes to show a little rest can go a long way.

Mom's heart-healthy blueberry muffins
I did miss out on a lovely weekend I had planned. My friend got married yesterday (Congrats Jenn and Will!) and while missing out on that, I missed out on visiting with my in-laws and sweet nephew, Michael. Le sigh. But over the weekend I had a number of sweet videos sent to me of the little man.
Chicken tortilla soup for dinner. 
Even though this wasn't necessarily a joyous occasion, I was sad to miss a celebration of life for a family friend who passed last Wednesday. It's always sad to lose a friend and I'm sorry I couldn't be home to say a proper goodbye. Walter was a good man and will certainly be missed.

It's been quite a week, to say the least. I am ready to get back to work, feel like I'm functioning (almost) to my normal level. Sometimes just having a task to do makes me feel a little more useful. Not that I didn't enjoy those five hour naps a day, I totally did, I just don't have anything to show for it.

Hopefully this week goes by smoothly and I survive all the classes just fine. Two more weeks and I'll be home for a little spring break, hallelujah!

Honey stayed by my side all week long, followed me everywhere like a little shadow.
She says "take vitamin C! Stay healthy!"

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