Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Wednesday

Every Wednesday feels just about the same. I've passed the Monday stress of starting the week and roll into the "Tuesday Triumph" where I feel I can do just about anything (Only because I've survived Monday.).

Wednesday just feels like I really have reached the top of that giant hill I started Sunday night. Things are good, and it's only down hill from here. Thursday, my favorite day of the week, usually ends my work week and I look to my three day weekend of chores, catching up, and prep for the next week. Not that I'm in a rush. Still, I am ready to roll along down into Thursday now. But I've got many things to keep me busy and occupied for the day; planning, grading, reviewing, and such. In short, work.

Can I really call it "work" when I spend most of my time creating dance classes and working with some of the most talented individuals day in and day out? Probably not. Can't even complain about having to go into the "office" because it's really not an office. It's a creative hub, a daily musical set, and an all out dance party 24/7.  Even my personal office can't help but soak up the the music that seeps out from the dance studios below. My little work space picks up the various classes and rehearsals, the echoes of tap shoes, and the bellowing "dancer speak" from my fellow faculty members. Definitely better than most typical office sounds.

Work? Not really what you think of as typical work. Sure, I've got paperwork to do and lecture classes to prep, but when I'm passing down information, teaching students about being a teacher or how to dance. It's absolute joy and I really do love it.

So, with a fresh cup of coffee in hand and the sounds of a tap class resonating in my office, I think I can handle this hump day just fine.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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