Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn is a second spring...

I absolutely adore the fall season. It brings so much into the year with it's crisp, cool breeze and I can hardly wait to dive into the fall festivities this year!

Some of the things I love about autumn are the changes that come with it. The temperature changes from blisteringly hot to a cool and balmy feel. The leaves often change colors and although they don't last as long or as beautiful up here in Oklahoma as they are anywhere up north, it's a little more than what we get in Texas. My closet changes from sundresses and tank tops to warm sweaters and beautiful boots. Even my kitchen holds new aromas of pumpkin and cinnamon instead of summer fruit and cook out fixings. Everything changes and this particular fall will be a new change for me.

For the first time, I'm teaching a full year in one place I'm very familiar with. For the first time I have someone living in my house with me and he's no roommate, he's my husband. For the first time in my entire life, I've got a family all my own that includes a husband and not one, but two kitties. For the first time, ladies lunch with my mother and sister includes a brand new little southern lady, my niece, Madeleine. So many adjustments in a few short months and like a domino effect, each change will trickle down into many more changes through out the year. It's a whole new slice of life I'm looking forward to trying.

With so many new things I'd like to share, it's no wonder that I return to my blog. It's been some time since I've last been on here. My dedicated blogging fell by the wayside as life got a little more "grown up" after my masters. After I started teaching and delving into wedding planning, I found I wasn't too sure about what to post any more. There are only so many times you can write "I'm still planning" or "I'm still teaching" on a blog. Stepping away from my first year of teaching and a few months after our wedding, I do have some pretty great stories and decoration how-to's. Just like the season, this blog might have to go through its own change.

For now, I'll make the effort to post a few more times than every once in a blue moon. One last final note, a very Happy Heart Day to my sweet mother. She had her open heart surgery 15 years ago today. We are blessed beyond words for these extra fifteen years with her and I know she's happy to have had them, too. I love you, Mom, and I'm grateful to have you!

Mom finally home after the big surgery and surrounded by the family. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! Go enjoy the gorgeous new weather! 

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" 
-Albert Camus

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