Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calling All Curly Headed Girls!

I need some hair help. My curly hair is no longer curling. I have no clue what's going on with the rat's nest a top my head, but it ain't working for me any longer. The front right side of my hair is now completely straight. This doesn't really pose a problem when I want to straighten my hair. However, it's incredibly unnerving when the rest of my head is still attempting to curl/wave and I've got a whole section of hair that's stick straight.

When I asked my hair dresser what to do about this funky, one-sided straight thing, you know what you she said? "Change shampoos and use a curling iron to curl that side of your hair." Excuse me, what? Fake my curls with a curling iron? That's fraud, impersonating natural curls with a curling iron. I. Think. Not.

What's the deal? Seriously. I've spent the last hour online reading through article after article on curly and wavy hair trying to decipher what is the best solution. Should I use this co-washing trick? Don't wash my hair, but condition for several weeks in attempt to coax a partial curl out of my right side. Would a hot oil treatment work better? Could a deep conditioning treatment work? Why the heck have I been buying shampoo with all sorts of crazy ingredients that I can't pronounce? Is my hair going to fall out completely because I've been using shampoos with silicone? Has heat damage been so permanent that I won't ever see another curl again? WHY IS THIS STRESSING ME OUT?!

That's another thing I'm wondering. Have I just been under so much stress that my hair has been altered? Really. Let's break this down. Nearly three years ago I was graduating from undergrad, cleansing my love life of a toxic relationship, starting grad school merely one week after walking across the stage, and then falling head over heels in love with a wonderful man where we then started a long distance relationship. Nearly two years ago I was starting a complete non-stop (January to December) year of school, the last big push before graduation. In that year, I spent six months finishing massive amounts of course loads and another six months of it working on a full-length original show I wrote, researcherd, choreographed, auditioned, directed, and costumed. This past year I graduated, moved home, got engaged, was jobless for six months while I traveled and was turned down over and over again (that does a job on a person's self-worth). Then I finally got a few teaching jobs that, while wonderful, didn't pay much and I had looming bills coming in hard and fast. A few short months ago, we finally picked a wedding date, I got a brand new job, picked up my life, moved, and am now trying to juggle long distance challenges like wedding planning while lesson planning.

So, is it really so hard to believe that because my life has been in such a constant state of flux that my hair has decided it's just tried?

OK. Perhaps I've had too much coffee this morning. Much like my hair, I've exhausted myself.  I think I'll go buy a silicone-free bottle of shampoo, try this co-washing business, take a vitamin and call it art. But really, any one got advice for this curly headed girl, I'd be happy to hear it.

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