Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calling All Curly Headed Girls!

I need some hair help. My curly hair is no longer curling. I have no clue what's going on with the rat's nest a top my head, but it ain't working for me any longer. The front right side of my hair is now completely straight. This doesn't really pose a problem when I want to straighten my hair. However, it's incredibly unnerving when the rest of my head is still attempting to curl/wave and I've got a whole section of hair that's stick straight.

When I asked my hair dresser what to do about this funky, one-sided straight thing, you know what you she said? "Change shampoos and use a curling iron to curl that side of your hair." Excuse me, what? Fake my curls with a curling iron? That's fraud, impersonating natural curls with a curling iron. I. Think. Not.

What's the deal? Seriously. I've spent the last hour online reading through article after article on curly and wavy hair trying to decipher what is the best solution. Should I use this co-washing trick? Don't wash my hair, but condition for several weeks in attempt to coax a partial curl out of my right side. Would a hot oil treatment work better? Could a deep conditioning treatment work? Why the heck have I been buying shampoo with all sorts of crazy ingredients that I can't pronounce? Is my hair going to fall out completely because I've been using shampoos with silicone? Has heat damage been so permanent that I won't ever see another curl again? WHY IS THIS STRESSING ME OUT?!

That's another thing I'm wondering. Have I just been under so much stress that my hair has been altered? Really. Let's break this down. Nearly three years ago I was graduating from undergrad, cleansing my love life of a toxic relationship, starting grad school merely one week after walking across the stage, and then falling head over heels in love with a wonderful man where we then started a long distance relationship. Nearly two years ago I was starting a complete non-stop (January to December) year of school, the last big push before graduation. In that year, I spent six months finishing massive amounts of course loads and another six months of it working on a full-length original show I wrote, researcherd, choreographed, auditioned, directed, and costumed. This past year I graduated, moved home, got engaged, was jobless for six months while I traveled and was turned down over and over again (that does a job on a person's self-worth). Then I finally got a few teaching jobs that, while wonderful, didn't pay much and I had looming bills coming in hard and fast. A few short months ago, we finally picked a wedding date, I got a brand new job, picked up my life, moved, and am now trying to juggle long distance challenges like wedding planning while lesson planning.

So, is it really so hard to believe that because my life has been in such a constant state of flux that my hair has decided it's just tried?

OK. Perhaps I've had too much coffee this morning. Much like my hair, I've exhausted myself.  I think I'll go buy a silicone-free bottle of shampoo, try this co-washing business, take a vitamin and call it art. But really, any one got advice for this curly headed girl, I'd be happy to hear it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Month Goes By

Another month flies by and this poor little blog is left lonely out in the cyberspace cold. It's not that I don't care for my blog, it's that I'm at a loss of what to write. I ask myself on a daily basis, "What is this blog for any more?"

The third birthday of "Dancer Diaries" is coming up and it's bothering me a great deal that I have barely touched this thing in the last year. Writing in here has always been a creative release, however, I'm drastically limited in what I write nowadays. I've never wanted this to be a venting journal, that was never the point. It was a way to write my adventures while I traveled around the world dancing and performing.

My plans changed and opportunities came in different ways that I hadn't really prepared myself here I am. Totally not in the spot I thought I'd be three, even four years ago. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, especially right now. I'm in the best best place I could possibly be and for the first time in a good long while, I'm really really happy. Everything really does happen for a reason and I know I'm right where I need to be.

Anyway, my poor blog is haunting me. I hear it calling my name. "Julie....come update me...I feel forgotten..."

OK, so maybe it's my own guilt getting to me, but I will solve my blogger problems later. For now I'll give a quick update of life since the starting a new year. Work is excellent. I don't know that I can really call it "work" because it's awesome. Teaching dance every day to a positive group of incredibly talented individuals every day. That is what I do and it is THE coolest job ever. How many people can say that get to do what they love for a living? I'm extremely blessed.

I'm reconnecting with friends in the city and I'm enjoying that quite a bit. Home life is very quiet right now. No Honey Cat here to keep me company and fuss at me when her food bowl is empty. I've taken up talking to myself again just to hear a voice in my house. So, yes, I'm feeling a bit lonely these days and missing my loved ones terribly.  It's not like I'm in Alaska or anything, but still. I was spoiled being with family all the time last year and getting to see Pyro Man every week. Oh, that one kills me. We were finally only an hour apart and now we're back to being truly long distance and I ain't liking it one bit. I'll have been up here a full six weeks by the time I see everyone again. Six weeks really isn't that bad in comparison with other situations people have faced. Still in all, it's not my ideal arrangement either.

My kitchen and I have been getting reacquainted the last couple of weeks. I pretty much took a year long hiatus from baking and cooking last year. When Mom or Dad offered to make dinner, it was really hard to turn them down. Also learning to live on pennies right now until that first paycheck comes in. Coupons are my friends and I'm actually about to head out, snag a paper, and clip some more tonight. Whoo-hoo!

Not having much extra cash at the moment means not taking any dance classes...not that I've really been able to find any adult classes yet, but I'm working on it. With the wedding less than six months away and a honeymoon planned for KAUAI (Yes! Hawaii, here we come!!), I'm inclined to get my butt in gear so as to feel great walking down the aisle in my dress and skipping down the beach in my bikini. By the way, what is with people putting out bikini's the first day in January? That's cruel. Or motivation. Or both. Can't decide.

So I've decided to start working out at home and it's going alright. Almost took out a coffee table the other day, snapped myself in the face with a resistance band, and rolled off my exercise ball and nearly crashed into the TV. We're all good, nothing is broken. My pecs are unbelievable sore (Hello, Push-up's. You are my enemy.) and my buns and hamstrings are mighty tight which makes it a tad difficult to sit down gracefully. Other than that, I'm feeling good.

Wow. That was a very play by play entry for the day. See what I mean? I need to get those creative juices going again, keep this thing a bit more interesting. Oh well, that's pretty much what's happening with me right now. I actually need to get off here, finish laundry, clean house, get a little workout in and get ready for tomorrow. Love having a good solid to-do list. Until next time!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012...

... I've been expecting you. At times I would have said that 2011 creeped and crawled on while other moments I would have sworn that time flew past my face. It was a roller coaster year with ups, downs, twists, turns, and some very slow moments in between. Overall it was a growing year and I can honestly say I'm ready for this fresh start. There's so much excitement and new adventures for me that I can hardly wait.

First of all, I moved. I'm back in Oklahoma City for...(drum roll please) new job! Yay! A great opportunity crossed my path and I am happy to say I was lucky enough to be offered the position. My contract started Monday and I'll start teaching this coming Monday. There's lots to do and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed just yet.

In moving, one usually finds a new residence. Well, I sort of found a new residence. Back in my cute 1926 apartment complex, different apartment. It's got some quirks like the last one, part of it's character, it's charm. I also have Sasquatch living above me and let me tell you, he is loud. I want to know what in tarnation is he doing up there? Tromping around and shaking things off my ceiling. Not really, but it's going to happen one of these days.

2012 also brings a new change I can't wait to begin. I'm getting married to my very own Prince Charming. Tomorrow, January 6th will mark one year of begin engaged to my Pyro Man. Saturday, January 7th marks our six month mark to our wedding. Can't even believe we're this close. I thought it would never get here.

So here goes a new year, a new start, and a new name change. I'm ready for you 2012. Just please let's have a few less meltdowns, but I think you've already set yourself up to be a fabulous year.

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