Sunday, November 13, 2011

Procrastination Princess

Oh sure, I've blogged about procrastination before, but I had to share my new obsession: Pinterest.

If you're not familiar with this little treasure, check it out!

...(5 minutes later)...

Oh my gosh, all I have to do is just check the home page and I just get lost in the amazingness that is Pinterest! This is becoming a real problem.

Well, to be honest, I should be finishing up my work that I've put off until today. I'm so close to being done with my grade in-putting and here I am. On Blogger. Taking a mental break. Thought I'd update my little online journal for a few minutes since I seem to be on here less and less these days.

Pictures last Tuesday went swimmingly! I love the photographer we got, Apryl Ann Photography. She's a doll and I love her work. (Also love that it was in our price range.) We had an outdoor shoot and it was so fun to take pictures with Pyro Man! We don't have a ton of pictures together because I always forget to pull out my camera. I'm trying to be better about it.

I was worried we'd get rained out on our shoot day, but Mother Nature decided to cooperate. We did have one funny incident. We laid out a quilt to take pictures on and before we sat down this GIANT spider came crawling across our picnic scene. Being my calm, cool, and collected self, I began to shriek and yell out incoherent things whilst hoping from one patent leather pump to the other in order to attract the attention of my fiance.

"There's ah! Ohmygoodness!!! It's large! Ack! Spider! Sweet jeebus! A SPIDDDEEEER!" 

My communication skills are superb. Really. Taking note of my apparent problem, Pyro Man saved the day by happily tromping over the spider and sufficiently squishing it with his rugged boot. Brave fiance. I'm so glad I'm marrying a man who not only owns a washer and dryer, but is heroic enough to save me from large creepy, crawly things. 

Aside from our close encounter with nature, it was really fun. I'd been looking forward to this part of the engagement for so long and I can't wait to see the pictures when they come in! 

Pyro Man and I headed to Waco this weekend for a wedding he was in (Congratulations Eric and Jackie!). It was a beautiful ceremony and a great reception. Even made Pyro Man twirl me around the floor a couple times where we proceeded to take out several couples along the way. It's hilarious really. 

He tries to lead and then forgets he's leading so we inadvertently bump into another couple (or two). They, of course, look at me like I need to watch where I'm going when I can't because I can't see out the back of my head. Then Pyro Man and I try to get back on count, but he's lost count of what step he's on so we end up stepping on each other, falling all over the place. Me? I'm in a fit of giggles by this point in time because there's no saving it. But you know what, it doesn't bother me in the least bit. In fact, I'd tell you right now I have the best time "dancing" with him and I'd let him swing me around any day! (Guess that's true love right there!) 

Now I'm home, trying to work and he's off in New Mexico for the week hunting. Guess I'd better get my behind in gear and finish up my to-do's so I can enjoy the last of my Sunday night. I did remember to take a picture of Pyro Man and I before we left the wedding. So here's a picture to end the post!

Happy Sunday! 

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