Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello November! When Did You Get Here?

It's November! Turkey time! I love the month of November, but I guess I could honestly say I love every month with the exception of maybe January, March, or August. I feel those are transitional months. So not the point of this post!

October has flown by and I feel like I'm just now catching up with myself. There were so many things going on, weddings, holidays, dance concerts and master classes. Sadly, I missed one of my good friends wedding at the first of October. Here's a belated congratulations to Cassie & Ben!

A few weeks back I went to see a friend of mine get married in Oklahoma City. It was a a sweet ceremony and she was a beautiful bride!

Congratulations to Abby and Clint! 

Two weeks ago my dear friend Stacie got married in OKC and it was such a wonderful wedding! I tried really hard not to ball when she walked down the aisle, but I did shed some tears. Knowing Stacie prior to meeting her new husband, Wes, and seeing their relationship blossom somehow made the wedding that much more special. It was simply magically.

My best bud, Karley, flew in for Stacie's wedding and we got to spend lots of time together, which was fabulous! It is a rarity of us to see each other since she now lives in Pittsburgh. I loved spending time with Karley, it was truly a perfect visit! The best part about this particular weekend was that I got to spend time with some other OCU loves of mine--I'm ever so grateful for sweet friends!

Esther, Luis, Becca, Pedro, Me, & Karley

Gamma Phi Beta Reunion!  

Vicky, Me, Esther, & Karley 

Karley had some big news that I was happy to celebrate with her--SHE'S ENGAGED!!! 

After six years of dating, she and her honey are finally tying the knot next August! I'm so excited for her--I know I will be blubbering when she walks down the aisle. No joke.

Halloween was a whirlwind, but Karley and I got decked out to pass out candy to the cute trick-or-treaters!

I made Pyro Man promise to carve pumpkins with me with me earlier in the month. 

We carved up several good ones with his brother and sister-in-law, too! 

What else happened this past month? Oh yeah! The department I'm teaching for had a dance concert  last Friday. They did such a wonderful job and I was very proud of the students! I also got to teach a couple of master classes at a couple other colleges and had a ball with that! 

On to November and whatever that may bring! Pyro Man and I are taking engagement pictures tomorrow and I'm so excited about that!! EIGHT months from today we'll be saying our "I do's" and celebrating with friends and family. I cannot wait! 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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