Friday, October 7, 2011

Idgit Moment

Maybe it's because I've had a lot on mind lately. Maybe it's because my mind has walked out on me or my mind is on strike, arguing for more pay for the over time. Or maybe, just maybe it's because I'm thinking five steps ahead of where I need to be, but Wednesday I totally lost my mind and had a complete Idgit Moment.

Idgit (according to Urban Dictionary): An idiot.

An Idgit Moment (according to Julie): An event in which one does something without thinking causing a complicated, frustrating reaction that can only be resolved through a long and mentally painful process. Usually these problems could have easily been avoided had one's brain been properly present.

My Idgit Moment? Well, it took a couple a tries to build up to the big doozie. Here's a small scale moment: Tuesday afternoon I go out to purchase a pair of nude heels I needed for a particular event. Knowing this would be bigger than my usual $1.79 splurge on Chik-fil-a tea, I decided to use gift cards I had from Dillards. I go to Dillards, find perfect nude heels AND bonus, another pair of shoes I absolutely loved. I pay for said shoes and exit the store only to realize I did not use my gift card. Idgit. I could have saved a few bucks!

Here's the whopper. I finish teaching ballet on Wednesday, eating my lunch, checking emails on my computer when I notice that my computer battery is low. After checking my bag, I find that my charger is in my car. Okie-dokie, so I trot off to my car, carting all my junk with me and as I reach into my purse to grab my keys, I feel nothing. This is never a good sign.

I tear through my black-hole of a purse to come up empty so I turn my attention to my wheeled cart I towed with me. Nothing. Suddenly I'm panicked. Everything is on that key ring. My house keys, work keys, even my TWO car keys. Yes, I have two car keys.

*The Story of My Two Car Keys (I know you're riveted): My car key has a clicker attached to actual key. Last summer my clicker stopped working so I took my spare and attached it to my key ring. Now I had good clicker and bad clicker. Then I accidentally broke off the key from my good clicker. So I kept good clicker on the ring and used the bad clicker with the key. Well, both clickers went out and the bad clicker started cracking. To keep from the key breaking off the bad clicker like it did with my good clicker, I duct taped it together. Now I've got this:

Can we say jankity?

(Jankity: messed up, cheap, broken, crappy. Ok, I might have had fun with Urban Dictionary.)

BACK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY. Can't find my keys. I'm almost to the point of freak out, frantically searching around my car to see if they fell out. Then it hits me. Holy Hannah, my keys are locked in my car!

Sure enough, I plaster my face to the window of my care and behold, a lovely set of keys awaits my return.

There they sit, as if to say, "Please take me. I'm literally sitting on a silver platter!" Geez. Happily, what once was lost now is found. This, of course, creates mixed emotions; complete relief in finding my keys and complete annoyance in figuring out how to get said keys out of my locked car. Breaking in crossed my mind, but the after effects would be way too costly. So I did the next best thing: called for help.

Fortunately, Mom came to the rescue. Miraculously, I remembered where I stashed the extra broken key...

And Mom was able to bring it to me after my second class.

This says it all. 

On a good note, I did find my keys, my car didn't get stolen or broken in to, and it required only minimal amounts of bad words. I triumphantly unlocked my car, fell into my seat, and heaved a big sigh of relief. Then I realized I had sun visor facing foil side in. Idgit. 

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