Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lovey Dovey

I'm in a lovey-dovey mood. Who knows why. Maybe it's because I'm getting married. Maybe it's because I spent a lovely weekend with my fiance celebrating the upcoming nuptials of two other love birds. Maybe it's because the seasons are changing, I don't know. I just flipped to my iTunes yesterday and found myself completely immersed in romantic tunes.

Music plays such an important part of my life (Hello, dancer!). It would seem impossible for me not to scour the web each week for more tunes or have a million different playlists to match every little mood I have. I love how a search leads me down a trail of wonderful songs, opening me up to new artists and genres, sparking new ideas for storytelling through choreography.

Anyway, I started looking up all-time classic wedding songs yesterday. Slowly I've been putting together a list of songs that make me think of my up-coming special day, any song that evokes a feeling of love, pure joy, and excitement. So far I have an eclectic mixture of things ranging from Phil Vassar to the Weepies, Louis Armstrong to Old 97's, Miranda Lambert to Frank Sinatra, even a few musical theater pieces. It doesn't really flow very well and the only thing in common with any of these songs is the way they make me feel. Doesn't matter though, playing these songs just makes me so stinkin' happy, I could care less about fluidity.

My search yesterday got me wondering what other love songs I'm missing out on. I want to know what everyone else considers as the ultimate romantic tune. Everyone has one. You know you have at least one song that when it plays, you automatically begin to swoon. The melody brings that perfect person to mind and slow smile spreads across your face as you imagine that special someone smiling back at you. There's a romantic scene that rolls through your head just humming the tune and as you sing the words softly, you feel your heart swell with feeling.

Gushy much? I know, but be honest, there's a song out there that has that same or similar affect on everyone. So what's yours?

Me? I have a few favorites I'll share for you before I hope off here. A little Frankie Valli, "Can't Take My Eyes off of You," Miranda Lambert's "Makin' Plans" is just plain wonderful, but my most favorite of all, Patsy Cline, "Always."

Tell me your favorite love song! Find your inner sap and let your romantic side show! Happy Hump Day!

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