Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Germ Free Is The Way To Be!

I'm finally back to normal! Hooray!!! Last week, my final week of working with the kiddos, I got sick. Somehow I managed to carry my miserable butt through Wednesday only to come home and find I had a temperature of 101.4.  A short trip to an 24 hour clinic showed my temperature at 101.7 and my doctor happily informed me I had a throat infection. Great...

Couldn't go to my last day of work. Apparently I was still contagious, you know, fever and all. Well, that fever continued on for another four days. By Sunday I'd had it. I marched into the kitchen and told Mom she should could either come with me to the emergency room or stay at home, but I needed something. So one trip to the ER later and we find my throat infection was gone, but now I had bronchitis. The anti-biotics I originally was on weren't strong enough to keep the new sickness from forming. Awesome.

It's all good now. Fever free since Monday and on way better meds that make me feel human again! HOORAY!!!!!!!

The ER doctor did warn me that in my first two years of teaching kids I would pick up everything. Dang. I guess that includes college kids, too. I'm never leaving home without anti-bacterial hand soap or vitamin C ever again.

On a really happy note, yesterday I finally got something major accomplished on the wedding. We booked the wedding venue! YAY!!!! Next May 26th, Pyro Man and I will officially be getting married! I'm a slow planner, one step at a time, but I'll get this wedding planned out beautifully.

For now, I've got a lot of to-do's to cross off, like always. Just wanted to share the happy news of being healthy and one step closer to marrying my handsome man!

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