Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fourth Times a Charm

July 7th! July 7th! We've got a finalized, contract-signed, absolutely-the-one date! July 7th! 

Yippee!! Last post I gave a summarized version of a wedding woe road block that Pyro Man and I encountered. All that mess was finally resolved this week! We met with the church, got available dates and called our reception site. We were afraid we'd have to change sites because they originally told us every Saturday was booked through September....ugh! 

As luck would have it, the first available Saturday for next summer matched up with an open one at the church. Bet you can't guess what day it was? July 7th! That's right! How'd you know?

It wasn't our ideal weekend (Like I said last post, I went about this from the wrong end, starting with the reception site instead of getting the info for our ceremony worked out. We've actually changed the date three times before landing this one. Fourth times a charm!). We're thrilled nonetheless! I've heard there are only five things you need to get married: 

1) The Bride (Me)
2) The Groom (Pyro Man)
3) A Witness
4) An Officiant
5) A License 

We've got all the ingredients that really matter--the license we'll get as the date gets closer. There's a huge bridal elephant that's lifted off my chest. Whew! I feel better and I don't have a gut wrenching feeling of worry about this any more. Now on the fun details! Finding a photographer, cake testing, decorations, dress fittings, booking the band, etc!  Already e-mailed the band we want, hope we get 'em! 

Here's where it'll all happen next July! 

 The Church, St. Thomas Aquinas in Dallas

The Reception Site, Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake in Dallas

Here's a gorgeous wedding that took place at Winfrey Point! I loved it! 
Just look at the possibility inside: 

Yup, I'm definitely ready to dive in and get started. Let the wedding madness begin! 

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  1. Yay Julie! So excited to see this! Congratulations! :-)


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