Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Friends

Today I'm reuniting with an old friend. We've had a stormy relationship over the past few years. She's always been brutally honest with me and that's what friends are for. Lately I've been slacking off on my side of the friendship. I might wave hello, pass her by, but I haven't stayed very long to listen to her truths or hear her honest message. It's time to reunite us again. I feel it in my gut. Dear readers, I give you...

My Scale!

Yeah, I'm sure you thought I was talking about a real friend. Nope, just my scale. How do I plan on cultivating a renewed relationship? With one of these:

Good for the abdominals and back muscles. 

I'll get back to doing a little more of this: 

Pick up my slacking endurance. 

And I'm going to get back to writing these: 

Keeps me in check with what I eat all week long. 

I've got a plan. I'm going to make our friendship work, start checking in a little bit more, and listening to her gentle reminders. Yup, it's going to be a beautiful friendship. Like I said, I can feel it in my gut. 

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