Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dancing in Dallas: Power House of Dance (Frisco)

Last week I was excited to get down and funky in a hip-hop class, hoping I could get a little more comfortable in the style before I started teaching for a summer camp. I wish I had a hilarious story for you about my experience. You know, one where I got down with my bad self, split my pants, and took down a whole group of dancers while trying to bust a move. Alas, I have no such tale because I did not double check the dates when classes started at this studio. I was a week too early. *Sigh* So goes life, but I was able to take last night! 

No accidents last night nor did I split my pants. I did, however, have an excellent time at Power House of Dance in Frisco with instructor Ashley Pia. In a class of five, two of whom were sweet, sweet friends that came with me, we learned a good chunk of choreography including formations and formation changes. It's an incredibly smart teaching tool, getting students used to doing more than dance in one place. Ashley explained how much she liked to do that with her students so that when they started new works, they were already used to the idea of moving around the stage more. It's no wonder she was just made Company Director of their Frisco Hip-Hop Company! 

Ashley didn't just throw the choreography out there for us to flounder in. She took the steps and explained the feel of it us, taking time to correct students, and making them feel comfortable. I have to say, this teacher will keep you in stitches. She's got a sense of humor that relaxes you and makes you feel less nervous. I probably spent a majority of the time laughing at her quips that helped melt away my self-conciousness on the spot. 

We spent  a majority of the time working on choreography and running our combo. The last few minutes of class were used for cooling down by following what she did. Repeating general and basic hip-hop moves allowed my body to get used to the movement. It's a great teaching method to use in tap, too. Imitating her style was challenging for me. Rib isolation, hip isolation, I've got that. There's a relaxed engaged pulse of the body that requires so much energy and yet, it's as smooth and chill as can be--that's the tough part! It's like working your behind off in ballet to make movement look elegant, graceful, and effortless. It's a dichotomy between appearance and execution. 

All in all it was a great, fun class and I will surely be back there to take again! Anyone who wants to come, here's the info:

Class Cost: $15 a class
Class Time: Hour 
Schedule: June 20th - August 22nd
Close July 4th through July 10th 

If you click on Ashley's name at the top of this post, you'll find her teaching schedule. For the most part, she teaches Monday-Thursday from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. 

10850 Frisco Street, Suite 200
Frisco, Texas 75034 

Phone: 214-387-0193

There is also a Dallas location if Frisco is not close to you: 

12300 Inwood Rd, #124
Dallas, Texas 75244 
Phone: 972.960.2484

Where will I end up next and what will I take? Who knows! Stay tuned for more Dancing in Dallas! 

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