Saturday, April 9, 2011

Professional Auditioner

I keep telling people I'm currently on the hunt for a job when really I should tell them I am a professional auditioner. I travel to auditions, do my "thang," and wait. Yesterday I auditioned for Disney Live and had an absolute ball! The audition was very fun and the room was full of positive, hopeful energy. I love that.

Everything went well! Got to the end and they had me do some extra stuff because they had me in for a specific part in a new show they're producing. I was thrilled to do anything they asked and I really hope to hear from them. This new show is a national tour and then they have another three international tours for next year, too. I've done my best and now all I have to do is wait. 

There's another audition in town tomorrow, two more in May and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh wait, wrong song. Anyway, I keep getting interrupted while I'm typing this. Both fur children are in my room and demanding my attention. Honey Kitty keeps yelling at me and Piper keeps whining when I touch Honey. Goodness, you'd think I'd been out of town or something! 

And while I was out of town, I read this fantastic book! It's called Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I'd tell you more about it, bbbbuuutttt I'm going to write a post on it for my new page, What's On My Shelf!

What's On My Shelf is a new page I'd been sitting on for a while. I'm always reading and wanting to share my amazing finds with people. What better way to do it than by blogging about them? If you need a new book, try this page! If you want something different than your usual taste, try this page! If you keep clicking on the last two links, they'll take you to the same spot, this page.

In other words, visit it, leave me suggestions, tell me if you liked the book and why. I'm open to all suggestions and I will always need something to quench my thirst for more stories. And on that note, I'd better get to editing my next post. Happy, happy Saturday to one and all! Enjoy the sunshine!  

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