Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going Back

Headed back to Orlando in a couple of days for another audition. Yahoo for a 6:50 a.m flight....oh, mama. Well, it's a short trip this time around, just enough time to get in and get done what needs to get done.

Speaking of traveling, Mom and I are looking into traveling to the hill country this month for the ongoing wedding venue hunt. Hurrah! This should be pretty fun, the two of us driving around, trying to follow the GPS. We experimented with this yesterday and after a few frantic freak outs, we made it to our destination unharmed.

Somehow I've managed to discover a few new venues here in Dallas. Dang, and I thought I culled through them all. In any case, I'm feeling voracious in this hunt to discover a place for these nuptials. We're getting close to the first of our possible nuptial dates. Ah! I have to find a venue!!

Really, I only tend to flail about in panic when I realize how fast my planning time is running out. It's like the thesis, so much to do and only so much time. Everything will get done that needs to and there's no need to stress. I'm very much looking forward to this exciting celebration, a lifetime of happiness with my Pyro Man!

All I have to do is plan it out. Yep. Just plan. Within my budget.

On another note, happy birthday to my dear friend, Karley! I hope she has a fantastic day! She's out touring the US in a Disney Live production--I'm so proud of her!

Happy Wednesday to all--I've got to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. You know, typical day.

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