Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Time of Renewal

Ash Wednesday, a very precious day that allows us to renew our faith. What a wonderful concept. Perhaps not everyone believes in the same God or being or light or whatever your heart may follow, but it's a wonderful idea to take time to rediscover that spiritual guidance inside us.

Every year for Lent I always try to give up something I've been obsessive about and usually it has to do with food. I've given up French fries, sodas, peanut butter, and coffee in the last few years. All these and more can do a body good, but this year I'm wanting to do something for the soul.

I've discovered that my life feels a little off kilter these last couple of months. Lots of changes in this new chapter and I'm feeling a little lost in my own story. When rain clouds of negative thoughts hang over your head, there is always a chance of rain. It's hard to see the big picture of life's plan when I'm sitting in watery puddles of negativity. So here's my chance to banish the clouds and find the sunshine again.

For the next forty days, I will find one blessing a day that I have in my life. Why only one, Julie? Good question. You see, I try to count my blessings all the time and try to say "Thanks, Big Guy!" every day, but every day is different. I think that I will discover more blessing in saying "thank you" for forty days rather than just repeating what I already know. Honestly, can you think of forty different things right now? I'm thinking some days it's going to be a challenge.

The whole point of this exercise is to open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to realizing that there is more beyond the right now and that I have no reason to be a sourpuss. Whatever your faith may be, whatever you believe in, what is something that you are thankful for today? I believe reminding ourselves of the good fortune we have can help us when we're wavering.

So good luck to all who are starting their Lenten season and to everyone else who is just trying to make it to Friday--you're half-way there! Happy Hump Day, ya'll! I hope you enjoy the sunshine we have today!

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