Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy Cannoli!

It never ceases to amaze me that I every time I get on here to update it's been way too long. Or at least here lately. Life First of all, happy, happy birthday to my sweet honey, Pyro Man! I hope you have a fabulous day, my love!

OK, now I can give you a little life update since the last posting. I am still on the hunt for that fabulous first job. Oh the challenges of performance life...Anyway, I hopped a plane last week in hope of landing a job with Disney in their Beauty and the Beast show. I ran into an OCU friend, Caity, at the airport, talk about small world. I also ran into another OCU dancer from my past, Bobbie. I was so glad to see some familiar faces and catch up with these two. So the audition! Out of almost 200 people, I made it to the end. Yeah man!

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. They told us they really liked us all, knew we were great dancers, but in the end they had to be extremely picky because they were looking to fill certain costumes. Well, criminy. I can't help how I look (Although, if I had a super power, it would be to have chameleon powers so I could change into anything a job needed. BAM! I'd be hired in a minute!). These things are expected at auditions, that's just how the cookie crumbles.  

Yes, I was sad, but here's the thing, my first thought coming out of that audition was, "There is a job out there just waiting for me to come along and nab it." Even though my balloon was slightly deflated, I still have hope that I'll get that job that is meant for me. Just gotta keep plugging along is all.

I'd planned to stay in Florida after the auditions which actually turned out to be a nice vacation. I stayed with my friend, Emily, and had an absolute ball. She was a sweetheart for letting me crash on her couch for so long! We knew each other from OCU and worked side by side at Visitor Relations.  Emily works for Disney now and unfortunately had to work most of the time I was visiting. She made me a lovely spaghetti dinner one night and I got to treat her to dinner for I left. Thank you, Emily!

When I booked my flight, I booked a rental car so I could tootle around town without having to burden my friends for rides. Like my sweet little ride?

My little Nissan Versa. I'd hop in, plug in Gerty the Garmin, and take off. Thank goodness for that GPS. I don't know why I ever balked at getting one before because that sucker helped me travel all over the place. Just type it in and go. Brilliant.

I also got to see my friend, Sara, and met her husband. She just got married last fall and I had yet to meet this special man in her life. Sara and I danced at OCU together and I got to see her last year for my Florida visit. I spent a day with the love birds at Cocoa Beach.

Oh sunshine, how I love you! And this time, I didn't come back a lobster! 

We enjoyed a delicious smoothie bowl lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up some sun. It made my heart swell to see my friend so happy and in love. Is there anything better?

Before I left, I spent an entire day wandering around Walt Disney World by myself. Sad and pathetic? Not in the least bit. I had the best time! I got to see my friend, Chris, perform in the Beauty and the Beast show. I waited around for him after the show and while standing on the streets of Hollywood Studios I hear this, "Hey, pretty lady!" I turned around to see my tall, tan friend with his hair slicked back and a towel around his neck in true Hollywood star fashion. Chris and I went to school together and also worked at Visitor Relations for a while. He did me the honor of being my date to one of my sorority formals. Hands down, one of the best formals I've ever been to.

Doesn't it just look like we're having the time of our lives? Oh wait! We are! Anyway, visiting with him was a joy. Nothing warms my heart like seeing an old friend.

I spent the rest of my day at Disney seeing every show I could. First I hit up Animal Kingdom for the Finding Nemo Musical and then watched the Lion King Festival.

The show was incredibly cute and I wish I could have taken pictures during it!  

The Tree of Life in the middle of Animal Kingdom.  

The Lion King Festival! These monkeys put on quite a show! 

I'm just amazed at the things Disney can do. There's no limit to their imagination! The sets, costumes, props, and lighting, I couldn't get enough of it. I wanted to stay, study, and ask questions. Oh the creative nerd in me was just eating it up.

When I had my fill of Animal Kingdom, I hopped another bus to Epcot where I came across my new favorite place, the Imagination Institute!

Oh my gosh, more people probably pass it by, but I loved it. I hopped in my little red cart and floated through the "open house" at the Imagination Institute. I met Figment, the dragon figment of our imaginations. Since my whole thesis surrounded the subject of imagination, I felt this ride was very fitting for me. Also got to watch the 3D Captain EO show starring Michael Jackson and wandered around Epcot's world festival.

There's so much more that I saw while I explored Disney, but I couldn't fit it all in my sitting. As fun as it would have been to have someone with me, I wouldn't have gotten to see as much as I did or the things that I wanted to see. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would happily spend another day exploring if I could.

I'm home now and back to reality once again. I have a couple more auditions to try for and some plans to start making. Am I getting anxious? Heck yes. I'm ready to work and ready to dance. I'm a girl who likes being busy and is accustomed to being so. In any case, I'm doing fine otherwise.

Alright, I've got laundry that's starting to crawl for the door so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have to call it a day and do some chores! Need fresh clothes for the week!

  Aurora and her prince, my favorite Disney scene! 

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