Sunday, February 20, 2011

A (Late) Valentine's Recap

I've started about three different posts and have yet to finish one. My brain is on a million different things and I'm having trouble concentrating on just one task long enough to complete it. Yeesh.

So a week ago was Valentines Day. We'll be moving on to Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick's Day, and Easter before you know it. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines as much as I did. Pyro Man surprised with a neat adventure for the evening and I had to share.

I spent the day baking my first cheesecake for my sweetheart, getting dolled up for our date, and battling traffic through downtown Dallas and Ft. Worth. As soon as I arrived at his place he whisked me into his black steed and we were off to an unknown location. "Where are we going?" I inquired. Pyro Man happily plopped my Valentines surprise into my lap, hand wrapped in his jacket. I love his wrapping skills. Fumbling through the jacket I find my copy of the Pioneer Woman's cookbook.

"Ohmygosh. You're taking me to see Pioneer Woman?!"

"Yes ma'am."

"YAY!! I'm so excited!!" And I was. My face hurt I was smiling so much.

Just this previous Saturday he asked me to bring my cookbook because his sister-in-law wanted to copy some recipes. Of course, I was thrilled to share and offered it up, no problem. Little did I know he just wanted to have it so he could surprise me by taking me to her book signing.

An hour and so drive later, we arrive at the book store, me eager to meet Ree Drummond, him eager to eat. Get in the store and see there's a line a mile long so we get to the end and begin the wait. Only problem with this is we're supposed to have colored wristbands and they line up people according to color. We hop out of line, grab a band and find out the color we pick in the last of about seven or so colors. They're on the second color and it's 7:00 p.m.

Well, if we're going to wait, might as well grad some dinner. Luckily we find a Cantino Laredo restaurant just across the street and we head towards the smell of good Mexican food. Sometime later we emerge stuffed to the gills and ready for the (hopefully) short wait. Oh no. Not that simple.

By this time it's after 9:00 p.m. and there are about two more color groups to go before ours. One of the bookstore employees told us she stayed until almost 2:00 a.m the last time she came through town. Since we had an hour drive home and Pyro Man had work the next morning, we opted to leave. 

I may not have gotten to actually meet Pioneer Woman, but I did see her! And Marlborough Man was there signing books and her kids were, too! I'm still planning on going to her signing in Norman in a couple of weeks. It was a sweet surprise trip for Valentines and I'm so glad he thought to take me. Thank you, Pyro Man, for a wonderful evening!

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