Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Day 2011

I brought the ice from Oklahoma down to my beloved Texas. Sorry folks, it just followed me. Really though, we've been housebound for the last two days due to some serious ice issues and I know my friends in OKC are snowed in on top of the ice. Yeesh. Is it spring yet?

Normally on any given ice day I'd be avoiding homework, visiting with friends, baking some delicious treats, and soaking up much needed down time. This time, however, I've been cleaning out my room, emptying boxes, and putting a gigantic dent in the unpacking process. Somehow I've managed to get three closets worth of stuff into one. How? I can't even tell you. There's still a long way to go, but I feel pretty productive if I do say so myself.

One of my tasks involved cutting up old t-shirts. Sounds like a waste of time, right? On the contrary! Since I was a kid, I've been saving my favorite t-shirts and cutting them up for a t-shirt quilt. From my first cheerleading shirts to sorority shirts and everything in between, I've kept up with these pieces in hopes that I could sew them together for a lovely memory quilt. How nice...except for the fact that all my pieces are a million different sizes and now I'm going to have to figure out how to put them all together in a pretty pattern. Hmmm.

I've been reduced to writing about my unpacking process and for that, I am terribly sorry. Good news though, Honey the cat has offered me a full time position in being her caretaker--she thinks I need only to care for her and her alone. Carrying her around and playing with feathers is so much more fun than searching for positions online. The only downside with this offer is no pay and no benefits. Sorry, Honey, I don't think I can live without a paycheck for that long.

Back to unpacking I go. If I get my room completely finished today, I can start on reorganizing my bathroom. Score! Happy Hump Day everyone!!

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