Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Flies

Oh my goodness, time has flown past me! It has been entirely too long since I've last written and I'm afraid keeping this blog up is a little more difficult with all this free time on my hands. Say what?! Yes, I know, it's a terribly confusing concept, but this blog, as I've said before, became a positive creative outlet for me while working on my masters. Now I've been using all my time on things like packing, making a life plan, visiting friends and family and starting to plan a wedding.

Sorry, it's a habit to look down at my hand when I mention the wedding. I must look at my hand a hundred times a day to make sure I'm not dreaming.

In any case, I'm back on Dancer Diaries and back in Texas. The final move from OKC is over and I'm currently drowning in boxes of my stuff. I spent the last week and half packing up my precious apartment and catching with friends. We had one last ladies dinner and Big Sister got to join us! She came up to spend the weekend with me and it was delightful. There were so many friends I didn't get a chance to see before I left and I hope with all my might to do better the next time I'm in town.

Of course in the midst of being a social butterfly, I had to take care of business like finishing up my Thesis so it can be bound. It's at the printers as we speak. I also thought it would be a splendid idea to take a jazz class for the first time in forever.  I waddled around for two days after. My poor body. I promise never to take much time off ever again.

Pyro Man drove up with my parents Friday and they helped me pack the last little bits of stuff. Saturday we moved it all in the Uhaul and headed out to see my best friend and college roommate, Karley! She is currently touring with Disney Live and is very good friends with Snow White. I'm so proud of her!

(Please excuse the mess I look like, we literally ran out the door right after the truck was loaded.)

Sunday, Pyro Man and I headed back to Texas with my car loaded down of leftover stuff. Since he was my captive for three hours I got him to jot down a guest list for the wedding. Ha ha! Success, we're now on a roll with getting this wedding started. We've both got a to-do list this week--there's so much to plan! The only thing we have solid right now are the colors. Beautiful bluebonnet blue with cream and a spring green!

Our inspiration!

So pretty! I wish I could keep dreaming more about the big day, but I have quite a bit of business to take care of today. Wishing you all a happy start to the week!! 

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