Friday, January 21, 2011

The Calm Settles In

My month of traveling, visiting, relaxing and unwinding is coming to an end while I'm settling into reality. Currently I'm back in OKC after a month's vacation and now I'm having to pack away my little slice of heaven. Actually, I pretty much sold my apartment to a guy who was touring it yesterday. Apparently he has been on a list to move into the complex since September. It's almost February.

When he told me about his five month wait, I couldn't help but say a little prayer of thanks that I was able to move in when I did. At the time that I was moving, I needed a fresh new start and this apartment was the perfect place to begin again. At least I've met the new owner and I feel confident that he will love my haven as much I did--geez, it's like I'm giving away a beloved pet.

As sad as I am to leave, it only means I'm entering a new phase of life. It also means I get to clean out all the junk I've been collecting over the years. Really, how much junk can one person acquire? Don't answer that (especially you, Mom. I fear you'll remind me of all that's in the garage right now...yeesh.). It's therapeutic to clean house, almost like I'm cleaning out my life while I'm trying to figure out my next move.

So my next move. next move....what is my next move? I believe this is a common question amongst most post graduates. I think the only two things that I have on the brain is:

 1) I have to pay back loans in a matter of five months. 

 2) I'm engaged! 

OK. I've got one positive and one negative thought going for me. If you add up these two thoughts you equal out the answer of : FIND A JOB!

I'm working on that while I finish up my last bit of business. I do have a head start on the wedding planning though. We picked colors (Hooray!) and I started a wedding fund, too.

Very professional if you ask me. Any time I have loose change or a few dollars, into the porker it goes. (No worries, I've got a legit one started, too. This was more for fun and to help out with the little expenses.)

In the mean time, to keep my worry of bills and job hunting at bay, I'm going to continue to flip through wedding magazines and day dream about the perfect cake. I'm thinking something spongy with butter cream icing.

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  1. Ummmmm. Is there a date picked???? Love you!!!!


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