Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Flies

Oh my goodness, time has flown past me! It has been entirely too long since I've last written and I'm afraid keeping this blog up is a little more difficult with all this free time on my hands. Say what?! Yes, I know, it's a terribly confusing concept, but this blog, as I've said before, became a positive creative outlet for me while working on my masters. Now I've been using all my time on things like packing, making a life plan, visiting friends and family and starting to plan a wedding.

Sorry, it's a habit to look down at my hand when I mention the wedding. I must look at my hand a hundred times a day to make sure I'm not dreaming.

In any case, I'm back on Dancer Diaries and back in Texas. The final move from OKC is over and I'm currently drowning in boxes of my stuff. I spent the last week and half packing up my precious apartment and catching with friends. We had one last ladies dinner and Big Sister got to join us! She came up to spend the weekend with me and it was delightful. There were so many friends I didn't get a chance to see before I left and I hope with all my might to do better the next time I'm in town.

Of course in the midst of being a social butterfly, I had to take care of business like finishing up my Thesis so it can be bound. It's at the printers as we speak. I also thought it would be a splendid idea to take a jazz class for the first time in forever.  I waddled around for two days after. My poor body. I promise never to take much time off ever again.

Pyro Man drove up with my parents Friday and they helped me pack the last little bits of stuff. Saturday we moved it all in the Uhaul and headed out to see my best friend and college roommate, Karley! She is currently touring with Disney Live and is very good friends with Snow White. I'm so proud of her!

(Please excuse the mess I look like, we literally ran out the door right after the truck was loaded.)

Sunday, Pyro Man and I headed back to Texas with my car loaded down of leftover stuff. Since he was my captive for three hours I got him to jot down a guest list for the wedding. Ha ha! Success, we're now on a roll with getting this wedding started. We've both got a to-do list this week--there's so much to plan! The only thing we have solid right now are the colors. Beautiful bluebonnet blue with cream and a spring green!

Our inspiration!

So pretty! I wish I could keep dreaming more about the big day, but I have quite a bit of business to take care of today. Wishing you all a happy start to the week!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Calm Settles In

My month of traveling, visiting, relaxing and unwinding is coming to an end while I'm settling into reality. Currently I'm back in OKC after a month's vacation and now I'm having to pack away my little slice of heaven. Actually, I pretty much sold my apartment to a guy who was touring it yesterday. Apparently he has been on a list to move into the complex since September. It's almost February.

When he told me about his five month wait, I couldn't help but say a little prayer of thanks that I was able to move in when I did. At the time that I was moving, I needed a fresh new start and this apartment was the perfect place to begin again. At least I've met the new owner and I feel confident that he will love my haven as much I did--geez, it's like I'm giving away a beloved pet.

As sad as I am to leave, it only means I'm entering a new phase of life. It also means I get to clean out all the junk I've been collecting over the years. Really, how much junk can one person acquire? Don't answer that (especially you, Mom. I fear you'll remind me of all that's in the garage right now...yeesh.). It's therapeutic to clean house, almost like I'm cleaning out my life while I'm trying to figure out my next move.

So my next move. next move....what is my next move? I believe this is a common question amongst most post graduates. I think the only two things that I have on the brain is:

 1) I have to pay back loans in a matter of five months. 

 2) I'm engaged! 

OK. I've got one positive and one negative thought going for me. If you add up these two thoughts you equal out the answer of : FIND A JOB!

I'm working on that while I finish up my last bit of business. I do have a head start on the wedding planning though. We picked colors (Hooray!) and I started a wedding fund, too.

Very professional if you ask me. Any time I have loose change or a few dollars, into the porker it goes. (No worries, I've got a legit one started, too. This was more for fun and to help out with the little expenses.)

In the mean time, to keep my worry of bills and job hunting at bay, I'm going to continue to flip through wedding magazines and day dream about the perfect cake. I'm thinking something spongy with butter cream icing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Engagement of a Life Time

I have some very exciting news I have to share...

Pyro Man and I are ENGAGED!!!

We are over the moon excited about it all. How lucky I am to find such a wonderful man!

I mentioned before that we were taking a trip to visit his family in England and while over there, we'd take a detour to Germany. Apparently the man had this planned for some time. Our second day there, January 6th, we all decided to visit the Zugspitz mountain, the tallest mountain in Germany. In order to get up this mountain, you have to ride a cable car all the way up to its peak, elevation 9,718 feet.

Have I mentioned that I'm a ninny when it comes to heights?

Yes, well, this ride turned out to be pretty nice. We had a great view of the gorgeous snow covered trees, a handle bar that I white knuckled, and a handsome boyfriend the I plastered myself next to. All joking aside, I really did enjoy the smooth and scenic ride.

Once the cable car stopped, we unloaded ourselves into a building that houses two restaurants, a gift shop, one small museum, and a couple of a landings for sight-seeing purposes. Oh, there were other cable cars available to take people down the mountain to ski. Can you believe people ski down a 9,718 foot mountain? I'm amazed at the adventurousness of some people.

Anyway, so everyone piles out car and immediately onto the first landing. It was chilly up there. Freezing was more like it and very windy, but the sight. Oh, it was beautiful to look out and see gorgeous mountain tops capped with pure white snow. The view of the mountain is actually split; One side you can see Germany and the other you can see Austria.

As I'm looking at this amazing sight from a safe distance away from the railing, Pyro Man comes closer, taking my hand and walking me out onto the landing. We chit chat about which side is more breath taking, how incredibly cold it is, and what lucky people we are to be here. Here's where our little story begins.

We're walking closer to the railing and I start feeling a little nervous. Pyro Man keeps pulling me along, urging me to get closer the railing. "No, I'm good. Thanks though!" I happily reply to him. He keeps continually pulling me closer until I'm a foot away from said railing. He takes my waist, slow turns me so I'm facing towards him and he keeps repeating "You know that I love you?"

"Yes, of course. I love you, too." These are the responses I keep giving as he keeps repeating the question four or five times. All the while, I'm thinking he's just talking me through getting closer to the ledge. He's just trying to make me feel brave and less nervous. Then it happens.

After his final inquiry, he looks me in the eye.

"You know I love you?"


"Good. Because I brought up on this mountain, to the top of the world to ask you a very important question."

My heart started racing. Could this really be happening? I threw my hands over my eyes as he knelt to one knee.

Uncovering my face, I looked down to see my true love holding an open box with a glistening diamond ring inside.

"Julie, will you marry me?"


After hugs and kisses, I was instructed to take off my glove and boy howdy, you never saw a glove pop off so fast! Apparently his family had been standing off to the side taking pictures for us so I have a few to share. I'm so glad we have this moment captured. It's one I will certainly never forget.

 The re-enactment of popping the question!

Us as the newly engaged couple! 

He took me all the way to the top of the world to propose. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect moment. 
(This is the "I'M ENGAGED!!!" face I had on ALL day!) 

The ring is beautiful and my fiance, he is spectacular. I do believe we were meant to be together. As I said before, I am a very lucky girl. Some how I found my special someone and every day he amazes me more. No date has been set, we're enjoying the engagement for now, but you can bet when we do, it will be a celebration of a life time!

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