Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tale of a Christmas Elf

Once upon a time and a long, long time ago, there was a girl who had little perfect elf ears. Their slightly pointed tips were a gift from her parents, both of whom adored their little elfin child. It complimented her tiny doll like features of rosy, chubby cheeks, her soft brown curls, and her tiny rosebud mouth.

In time, the little girl found her little ears would sometimes draw people's attention. Folks would genuinely joke that maybe she was one of Santa's little helpers. At every mention, the little girl beamed, so proud of her magic pointed ears.

In time she realized her ears were not magic and she wasn't really one of Santa's elves. Her ears were just that, ears. As the little girl grew up, she noticed her the pointed tips began to smooth over becoming, less of a prominent elfish feature. People began to comment less on her special ears and no longer called her Santa's helper. She paid no mind really. As most children do, she grew up forgetting her special features and concentrated on trying to fit in with the general population. That is, until one fateful December day.

The little girl was no longer a little girl, but a young lady of twelve. While in her daily dance class one cold winter's day, the young lady turned to notice a fellow student staring at her ears. Her eyes were glued in total concentration and her head cocked to the side. The young lady could tell her mind's wheels were turning and the child was trying to make a decision, but about what, the young lady could not tell.

The child, Taylor, could not have been more than eight.  She was a very gifted dancer, an outgoing kid who loved to move and boogie. Her short stature packed a powerful punch of energy. With big brown eyes and a wild mane of brown hair, the child bounced all over the place. She would fling herself into any step a teacher would give and when the music played, she couldn't keep still. One body part would begin to move, sending a shimmy of electrifying energy to the rest of her and before you knew it, she'd be spinning like a little tornado.

She was much younger than the other students in her class and stood apart from the rest for you see, Taylor was deaf. The other dancers did not mind. They loved Taylor's enthusiasm, it was contagious and every student cheered her on when she took the floor. Suffice it to say, Taylor was a beloved kid, a little sister to the rest of the group.

When Taylor's eyes met the young lady's, she declared, "You have elf ears!" Taken slightly aback, the young lady chuckled. It had been so long since someone had commented on her little ears that she herself had forgotten their pointed features. Without missing a beat, the young lady replied, "They are elf ears! Don't you know I'm one of Santa's little helpers?"

Taylor's eye grew to the size of saucers and her jaw fell to the ground. "Y-y-you're one of Santa's helpers!" Immediately the young lady felt terrible. A tiny joke was taken with such seriousness. She did not want to crush her young friend's sense of wonder and amazement. Before she could answer, the teacher was on to the next step, moving the children along, but the young lady could not focus. "What have I done," she wondered.

When the young lady came home, she slumped down at the kitchen table. "Mom, I've got a problem," she announced. The young lady proceeded to tell her mother about Taylor and her elf joke. "She thinks I'm really one of Santa's elves. I feel terrible about this, Mom! What could I possible do to make up for this terrible joke I've played."

"Well," says her mother, "you can be one of Santa's helpers. Put on your thinking cap and see what happens."

The young lady trudged up to her room and flopped on the bed. She had placed herself in a bit of a pickle. Though she joked about being Santa's helper, she had never really had the experience of actually being one of his helpers. She'd never been in his sleigh or helped him make presents. Heck, her ears didn't have any real magic, she was just a regular girl.

She thought back to when she was a small child, wide-eyed and dreaming of Santa Claus. "Come on, think! There's got to be something that I can do." She closed her eyes and concentrated on the spirit of Christmas. Santa was a magical man, he could do anything including flying around the world in one night. "I'm not Santa though." The young lady realized she was going about solving this problem all wrong. She didn't say she was Santa, she said she was Santa's helper! An elf, of course!

She thought of all the magical things Santa and his elves could do. Somehow she had to create her own magic for Taylor. "If I were a magic elf," she thought, "what would I do?" In a flash, the young lady had the perfect plan. She raced down the stairs and flew into the kitchen, "Mom!" she shouted, "Grab your keys! I know what to do for Taylor!"

The next day, Taylor entered the dance school, ready for the first dance class of the evening. The young lady was already in the studio, stretching and visiting with friends. As Taylor passed the front desk, the studio owner stopped her. "Taylor! I have a delivery for you!" Puzzled, Taylor approached the owner and took hold of a giant peppermint stick and an envelope specially addressed to her.

Taylor had never received a personal note like this before. Maybe on her birthday, but it wasn't her birthday. She scurried back to the dressing room and threw her bag into a cubby hole. She tore open the paper and pulled out a pretty Christmas card. The glittery green and red card dazzled the little girl. She carefully opened the precious note, curious to find out who sent it.

Dear Taylor,

My littler helper, Julie, told me you discovered her secret! Her elf ears are hard to disguise! She told me you've been such a good little girl this year and what a great dancer you are! Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to visit your house this Christmas!


Taylor couldn't believe her eyes. She read the note again and then for a third time. She couldn't believe Santa had found her! He'd sent a special note and candy cane just for her! She went bounding in the dance studio, card in hand and a grin on her face.

"Santa wrote to me! Santa wrote ME!!" She proudly displayed her card to her classmates, all of whom looked confused. Their teacher was equally baffled and asked to read the card. Taylor bounced across the room, skipping and spinning with such elated happiness. Julie stood at the back of the group smiling, not saying a word. She caught the eye of the teacher and gave a small shrug.

The dancers couldn't understand. "What is Taylor talking about? She's gone nuts! What does she mean Santa wrote her? Where did that note come from?"

Julie gave Taylor a small wink. "Must have been a little elf."


  1. Julie. Russell. This is the sweetest story I've ever heard! You are one amazing lady! I hope you know how much I love, appreciate, adore, and admire you! You truly are wonderful. :-)

  2. Aw, thank you, Megan! You are too sweet and I love, appreciate, adore, and admire you so :)


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