Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Chrismas Help

Friday afternoon and I'm on the phone with Mom, listening to her tell me about all the Christmas things she wishes we could do together. We want to bake goodness and sing Christmas songs, go shopping, and rope Dad into pulling down our holiday decorations. Heck, we just want to spend a little time together since we haven't gotten to do that in a long time, just the two of us. On and on we lament about all the holiday things we long to do and how we're missing our mother/daughter time when it hits me.

"Hey Mom--why don't I come down this weekend!"

"You...*sniff* can do that?!" Yes, Mom was a bit teary at that point and it only solidified the solution to our predicament.

"SURE! I don't have blocking for the first time in about four years. I've got the last of my school work under control--I can TOTALLY come down!"

So off like a shot, I began throwing things in a bag, packing up laundry, and tossing Honey in her crate--don't worry, I gave her lots of loving before she paraded her happy hiney in there. She's really a pretty good traveler.

Mom was so excited about my quick trip. She decided it would be even better to surprise Dad and he was definitely surprised. I wish I had a camera to capture his priceless expression when I walked in the door. Brow furrowed, eyes squinting and a dropped jaw. "Well, hey. What are you doing here?" That's Dad's way of saying, "Yeehaw! My youngest child is home!"

Saturday we ventured out into the windy weather in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Our first trip to Home Depot, Mom walked right up the fattest tree in the lot. Petting it's pretty branches, she stepped a little closer and wrapped her arms around it, looked back at us and declared this was the tree for us. How could Dad and I argue with her pleading look?

Home we went with this year's Christmas tree in tow, ready to be decked in all the holiday paraphernalia we own. Again, I wished I brought my camera so pardon the fuzzy pictures as they are off my cell phone.

I told you we had a 12ft tree my freshman year of high school--And yes, Pyro Man, it was 12ft high. I'm going to hunt down those photos to show you, too. Well, this year's isn't a that tall, but certainly does take up an immense amount of the designated Christmas tree area. It stands 8ft tall, probably 10ft high on the platform we placed it on, but the circumference on this puppy is wide. I actually had to help Dad set this one up this year. Dang.

We had a bit of trouble of getting the tree into a perfectly right up position.

The leaning tower of O Tannenbaum.

Mom helped instruct us in the proper way to string the lights.

Dad fixed the tinsel according to Mom's draping techniques and I will say, it does look picturesque.

After hanging all of our favorite ornaments, we present you with the Russell Family Christmas Tree.

It's just so huggable!

Overall, it was a wonderful impromtu trip. Mom and I did get our shopping in...except it was more shopping for my upcoming trip to England rather than Christmas shopping. Dang. Guess that's on my to-do list for this week along with my defensive driving course. Perhaps I might have gotten a ticket for maybe going a smidge above the speed limit a couple weeks back. Perhaps. Maybe. Possibly.

I had a lovely surprise come in the mail while I was home. My godmother sent me a lovely graduation gift.

It's a beautiful silver and turquoise ring she wore everday for about fifteen years. We've been pen pals all the years I've been in school here in Oklahoma. She is actually my Dad's sister-in-law as well as my godmother. She's such a neat lady, too--She shares little tid-bits of family history in the letters and I've saved every one. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! It means the world to have a family treasure passed down and I know I'll cherish this ring.

Off to class I go--it's the last week of classes I have as a student here at OCU! 11 more days and I will officially complete my career as a college student. Crazy. After that, it'll be on to whatever adventure lies ahead for me.

Honey has packed herself so I don't forget her.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Aww Julie! Such a sweet post! One of my favs! :-) Plus Honey is just so darn sweet in your bag! :-)


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